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When you collaborate with others, it is important to always communicate so there is little confusion. This is true at work, school, or in any other situation where we have to jointly complete a task to achieve a common goal. When working with others on specific projects, working on the same document can present difficulties, including disagreements or a lack of understanding regarding what other group members want. One of the solutions to this is to work with PDFs and a PDF editor, which can help you and your team to manage a document with comments, reducing misunderstandings and overlapping work.

When using PDFs and PDF editors, you have the option to create comments in the PDF, explaining a key piece of information. This can be an explanation of an image, a suggestion for the format, or a question about the font. There are a wide range of uses for PDF comments. If you are using a PDF app for annotation or an online PDF editor like LuminPDF, then you will have the opportunity to work on PDF files this way. Annotating a PDF with comments allows for clarification and questions which can lead to finalizing a better quality document. So how can we add comments to PDF documents? And what options are available to us as we work? Here are a few examples.

Highlight, strikethrough, or underline text online

Once you have a PDF annotation app or an online PDF editor, you will be ready to begin. One of the simplest ways to communicate to others through annotating a PDF is by highlighting, underlining, or striking through a text in the PDF. To do this, you must first go to the toolbar and there should be an option depending on your PDF annotator to comment and from there to markup the text, often written as “Text Markup”. After you click on this, there will be some options to choose from. Firstly, there is the option to highlight, which is an opportunity to emphasize something within the PDF. This can be an important sentence, something that is potentially incorrect, or just an opportunity to show the importance of something. The option to strikethrough some text shows which text can and possibly should be removed from the PDF. Lastly, underlining can be used as a point of emphasis in a text or as a point of reference to others who have access to the document.

Replace text online

Going to the same toolbar and selecting the comment again reveals some more options. One option that is given is the option to replace text. Sometimes, when working with documents there is something that needs to be removed or in this case, replaced. By selecting to replace text, you will be prompted with an opportunity to drag a box over the area where the text needs to be replaced. Depending on the PDF annotator or online PDF editor, the interface might be slightly different, but they are all generally similar in terms of wording. You might be given a pop-up box to write your new text in and from here you will be able to replace the old text with the new one.

Delete text online

To delete a text within the PDF, firstly go to the toolbar and select your choice from the comment and then text markup options. As was mentioned earlier, there is an option to strikethrough text. Sometimes we just need information removed from our PDF. When annotating a PDF, there is an option to do this, and this is what the strikethrough options give us. It is always good to be careful when doing this since other users of the document might want the information to remain. In this case, it might be a good idea to add a sticky note to the area of the deleted text.

Add a sticky note online

To clarify something within the text to others in the group (or even yourself as a reminder), a sticky note is a great option. A sticky note is a small note where a comment can be left. The comment can address anything, but it is a good idea to be mindful of where your sticky note is and the relevance of the comment to the text. To leave a sticky note, you must simply go to the toolbar and select the option and where you wish to place it. From there, there is generally a pop-up or a space to write. After writing the comment, it is possible to go back and edit the comment later.

Edit a sticky note comment online

To edit a sticky note is very simple. All anyone needs to do is double-click on the comment. From there the pop-up will open again and there will be an option to edit the text within. This is very useful because it allows for multiple updates to the text. Co-workers or group members annotating the PDF can leave messages and suggestions in the form of these sticky notes.

Delete a sticky note online

Sticky notes are very useful, but sometimes they lose their purpose as the document changes and evolves with multiple edits. To declutter the PDF and make it more manageable for those using the PDF annotation app, it is a good idea to remove those sticky notes which have lost their usefulness. To do this, simply click on the sticky note and press the delete key. Always check and make sure that it is nothing you will need for later before deletion.

When working with others on a PDF while using an online PDF editor or PDF annotation app, there will always be a need to leave comments or edit the document. This is especially true now that more people are working as part of remote teams. Writing on a PDF can be challenging if you are sharing this duty with others, since they may have a different vision of the completed document than you do. Simply by using comments, you and your co-workers will have the opportunity to discuss what should be done while still working within the document.

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