Energy requalification interventions that do not require any cost

More than interventions, we should talk about behaviors, in fact it is enough to have some precautions to start saving on electricity, water and gas bills. Meanwhile, if you still have to buy a house, remember that choosing a house with good exposure will already be a great help, then implement these behaviors that should be an imperative for everyone.

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  1. Turn off the light when you are not in a room.

    2. Turn off the stand by lights of electrical appliances when you are not using them.

    3. In summer, keep windows and shutters closed in sunny areas to avoid overheating.

    4. In winter, close the windows and shutters at sunset.

    5. Set the hot water temperature in the boiler to 35 degrees.

    6. Adjust the boiler thermostat to have 20 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night.

    7. Check faucets and flushes and eliminate spills.

    8. Dry the laundry on the balcony or outdoors and never indoors to avoid producing humidity.

    9. For washing machines and dishwashers choose “eco” programs and in any case those with low water temperatures (a lot of energy is needed to heat the water).

    10. Clean the air conditioner filters annually: you will achieve greater efficiency and avoid the spreading of micro dust that causes allergies.

    11. During the summer, prefer the dehumidification function for the air conditioner. Eliminating humidity from the air immediately gives well-being.

    12. On hot days, do not set the temperature too low for the air conditioner. A good rule of thumb is that there should be 4 degrees of difference between the outside and the inside.

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Interventions to be considered at the appropriate time

For energy saving it is necessary to take into account several other factors, such as the consumption of household appliances, the efficiency of the boiler, etc. Clearly you cannot, in the name of energy saving, eliminate your still functioning appliances to buy new ones and the same goes for the boiler.
However, the day you have to buy a new washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, but also a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner, etc., remember that it is a good idea to choose appliances that are in class A +++. Their cost is slightly higher, but they consume a lot less energy and in a short time you will not only be able to recover the extra amount spent, but you will start saving.
A traditional natural gas boiler has an average life of around 15 years, which means that after this period the breakdowns will begin to become frequent and you will have to evaluate whether it is more convenient to change it (option that I highly recommend) or to continue repairing it.
Well, when buying a new boiler, choose an energy-saving induction model, among other things in some regions, there is an obligation to install this type of boilers. They are considered economical because they also use the condensate that forms inside them, thus saving on hot water.

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