Essential Items You Need to Have For Pilot Gear

Pilots are always ready for anything, whether it’s a sudden storm or an emergency landing. But, that doesn’t mean they can just fly by the seat of their pants. To be a successful pilot and maintain safety on board your aircraft you need to have the right equipment. Here is what I recommend on item to pick for pilot gear.

 Pilot’s license, photo ID, and medical certificate:

The three most important things you need for pilot gear are a Pilot’s license, photo ID, and medical certificate. These are all very important. Without these, you cannot fly an airplane. These things all go with you to a flying school. They verify that you are allowed to fly an airplane, and they can make sure that your body is prepared for the job (as in will not get hurt). These three items are essential, without them there would be no way for someone to learn how to fly!

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Aviation medical certificate:

This is considered the “Privilege to fly a private or commercial aircraft.” This certificate is very important and gives you all of the information that someone who is going to be flying an airplane needs to know about you. They include information such as if your allergic to any medications, if you have any physical problems with your body, and if you’re considered healthy enough to be a pilot. This certificate will also note things like when the next FAA medical exam is, and what that person needs to do in order for them to gain more flight hours.

The type of license you receive for piloting an airplane is very important as well. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is usually what all the pilots obtain first. It requires a great amount of time and work, but it’s worth it in the end. This license allows you to earn your own living flying airplanes or helicopters for a business. The instructors at an aviation school can help you decide which type of pilot gear will be best for you based on your interests and abilities.

ABS (airbag) Pneumatic cushioned chest protector:

This item is made of strong, high quality PU leather with the airbags inside. The front part has a reinforced frame to hold the airbags properly, which also make it safer and more comfortable in diving. It’s flat design makes it easier to carry. The high level mouth design could provide protection to the neck, jaw and face.

You can check out our other review on this product here . Overall, these would be a great buy for $65, and we genuinely feel that it’s worth every penny of it. It’s definitely durable enough to withstand your dives as well.

A good pair of boots

Comfortable enough to walk in but sturdy enough to protect you from sharp objects on the ground that is available to fly with.

Get a pair of headphones with an in-line microphone and volume control, which will allow you to keep your hands free while you talk on the radio. Choose ones that are comfortable enough for long periods of wear and have noise reduction so that you can hear clearly – safety first.

The spanners:

It is always the first tools I reach for, but they are also handy when doing things like changing a car brake pad. A flat screwdriver (far left in this image) is also essential. It can be used to release oil seals when disassembling an engine or to explore dark areas of airplanes that are inaccessible with a torch.


The above are some of the important items you will need for the pilot gear. There are many available but in this article we picked the best one to make your work easy.

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