Everything You Need to Know About Cow Mattress

When the world evolved, people changed, and technology changed as well as the dayspassed by. People go for things that make their animals better and easier, with no struggle. The cow mattress happens to be among such things. This cow mattress makes cows comfortable.

What is a cow mattress?

A cow mattress is a special rectangular comforter made from reused tyres. The cow mattress has helped the increase production of milk and reduced mastitis cases.The dairy cows must use this cow mattress for good milk production. An increase in milk production will reduce costs of production and this will benefit farmers financially.

Advantages of using cow mattress

These things are the key benefits of dairy increasing farm profitability. They include;

  • A reduced cow knee injury
  • Increases cow laying downtime
  • Bottoms surface drain channel
  • They are affordable
  • They increase the blood supply in cow
  • They have a two-year warranty
  • They have anti-fatigue features
  • They are weather insulators
  • The cows sleeping on these mattresses are always clean

Cow mattress are commonly used in free-stall barns, they have a waterproof exterior that is filled with a variety of materials such as foam, rubber, or crumbs. These beddings make the mattresses more attractive to cows.

Disadvantages of using cow mattress

  • Cows need more time to lie down and their duration of lying down is shorter
  • Injured and swollen hock scores are higher
  • These mattresses decrease the lying comfort

Types of cow mattress

Optima mattress

This type of mattress boasts a built-in slope for better drainage. They adapt to the cow’s morphology and allow dynamic support.

Louisiane mattress

They last for a long time and also provide comfort to cows. They resist deformation and are adapted to the cow’s is attached with aluminum bars and galvanized concrete fasteners. They are also waterproof.

Elista mattress

Elista mattress is made by using latex foam which provides comfort for cows. They also increase the lying time of a cow. They are easy to clean, have a ten-year guarantee, are covered with a new generation top cover, and theyfoam sealed in polythene to reduce the moisture.

A cow mattress is designed to encourage your cow to lie down and get up easily so that they can behave naturally as if they were out in the pasture. This co mattress is soft to the cow but tough for durability increased milk yield will reduce the cost of production, which is a financial benefit to the farmers. This is why cow mattress price in Kenya tends to trend daily.

Cow mattresses are the new life of cows in today’s generation we see around with only an average investment, you make a worthwhile profit from a milk business thanks to cow mattresses. Before purchasing a cow mattress ensure a carefully researched strategy and good warrants and technical support.

This article defines the various considerations one has to make before purchasing a cow mattress, hence can be of great importance for reference, price is amongst the prioritized considerations one needs to make when purchasing a cow mattress. This is because despite all the other considerations one has made the amount of money that one has to purchase is the determinant.

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