Everything You Should Know About Maize Miller Machine

Maize is adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions; it is a widely grown plant. Technology and new inventions in machines have made work easier worldwide. The maize sheller machine, being one of them, has made work easier for farmers. In this article, we will cover what you need to know about maize sheller machines.

A maize sheller is a machine that removes the kernels of maize from the cob. In previous years, maize farmers suffered losses during the harvesting season. This changed after farmers started using maize sheller machines.

Most farmers use maize shellers due to their quick operation, the fact that energy is not required, and other factors. It provides farmers with cleaner and less dusty maize.

Key features of a maize sheller machine

  • It is automatic.
  • It has wheels and brackets for faster movement.
  • There are two types of maize machine shellers: diesel engines and electric motors.
  • It has a sufficient threshing capacity.
  • It contains an elevator that transports kernels directly to the container.

Factors to consider before purchasing a maize sheller machine


Before purchasing any sheller machine, check its quality. Always compare the quality and the price of the maize sheller machine. Most buyers run for low-priced sheller machines, but they forget to consider quality. They always end up frustrated when the sheller machine doesn’t function the way they want.

Cost Comparison

It is also a very important consideration when choosing the right maize sheller machine price in Kenya. Determine the reason for the disparity in costs for the same machine. Examine every aspect of the machine. Never, however, compromise quality for price. While price is an important consideration when deciding what to buy, quality and value should take precedence.

Manpower Engagement

When buying this machine, check on the manpower engagement. Check how many people are required to operate the machine. The lower the number of people required, the lower the pay.

Power consumption

Always check on power consumption. Which is your best type? Is it a diesel engine sheller machine and how much power is required to run the engine? Or is it an electric motor, and how much power does it consume?

Warranty Period

Before placing your order, double-check the warranty period. Thoroughly examine it. What parts are covered by the warranty and which are not?

Customer Feedback

Check the company’s customer feedback. Large corporations always provide client feedback on an as-needed basis. You can also read what other customers have to say about the maize sheller machine company.

Advantages of Using a Maize Sheller Machine

  1. Easy to operate.
  2. It reduces labour costs.
  3. It is efficient.
  4. It has wheels for easy mobility.

How to maintain the maize sheller machine

Always use the recommended power

If you are the operator, never increase the motor power or engine power above the recommended level by the manufacturer. If you hired an operator, kindly inform them in advance because when you increase power beyond the recommended power, it will destroy your engine or motor parts.

Use lubricants

Always use grease and oil to lubricate the moving parts to prevent friction. This will make the maize sheller machine durable. You can lubricate once per week if the machine is used that frequently.


Maize sheller machines are among the most commonly used farm machinery because they simplify the post-harvesting of maize. Get the appropriate equipment at the best price.

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