Factors to consider when buying an air conditioner

Ensuring freshness in a room is one step to achieving a healthy and conducive environment.  These steps include the installation of air conditioners to achieve various objectives, including reducing humility, reducing asthma attacks, reducing dehydration risks, and improving air quality. This article reviews factors to consider before buying an air conditioner.

BTU (British Thermal Unit), and it is a measure of energy consumed by an air conditioner. 1 BTU is the energy needed to raise pond water temperature by 1 Fahrenheit. It is commonly fitted to heating systems and can be equipped with excellent designs to rate the amount of heat energy removed per unit time.


1. Cost

It is essential to consider your budget before deciding on the type and model. High-priced air conditioners are equipped with more unique and advantageous features, including increased efficiency and energy saving. They can also come with minimal health risks associated with their use.

2. Size

Air conditioner systems are made for specific purposes. The plans for commercial buildings can be more significant than those designed for residential buildings. A professional installation service will have to assess your structure and suggest the desired size of the container be fitted. They also ensure that the size of the system is adequate to cool the room.

3. Energy consumption

It is essential purchasing an efficient energy consumption air conditioner to lower electric bills while maximizing work output. All systems have energy consumption ratings scripted on them from eight to 11.5. The higher the rating, the more energy is required to drive the conditioner per unit time. This factor is also directly proportional to the 18000 btu air conditioner price in Kenya.

4. Durability

It is essential for any buyer first to research various air conditioner models and brands from trusted sources. Installation companies can also help identify the correct model and brand based on durability. A more durable air conditioner systems reduce the cost required for maintenance and repairs. It is also essential to purchase a system with a longer warranty duration.

5. Installation

Some models and brands of air conditioners come with an installation allowance. It is essential to purchasing a system with an installation allowance to reduce cost and prevent self-installation risks. Self-installation can lead to installation in overly bright areas, which can cause overheating and increased cost of maintenance. It is also essential to contact installation companies if installation allowance is not provided.

4. Air quality

Each manufacturer is obliged to state the air quality produced by each air conditioner clearly. Some conditioners are designed to cool air in processing factories and do not fit human habitation. It is also essential to buy an air conditioner with an air quality control device to ensure the residents’ well-being and reduce respiratory conditions.


Air conditioners differ in BTU value and which significantly affects how the room can be cooled. It is essential to choose BTU, which fits the room requirements. Resources are presented with charts explaining how to calculate the number of BTUs required to cool a room with the ceiling height considered effectively.

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