Family Minibuses: Best 12-seat Rentals For Your Road Trip

When going on a big family road trip, choosing the right transport can be a headache. Firstly, it should be roomy, secondly, it should be convenient for each passenger, and thirdly – it should be cheap. Summarizing all the criteria, a minibus is a great solution for a family journey. 

Now you can easily rent a car or minibus by using or similar online resources. They will allow you to choose a suitable transport – for this you just need to indicate the desired location and the period of your upcoming trip. However, it can be difficult for you to find what you really need among the large number of minibus rental options. 

For this reason, we have prepared a small but informative review of the best models presented on the car rental market. Check it out and choose exactly what you like!

Hyundai H-1 

When you pick up a rental car from Hyundai, you can expect high quality in everything. Comfortable minibus Hyundai H-1 with a spacious interior for 11-12 people allows you to change the seating arrangements: this is an ideal technical solution for a trip with the whole family. 

The recently-updated model features a modern design, and has a lot of compartments and pockets in the interior. What’s more, it also provides a powerful air conditioning system and convenient connectors for the player, as well as remote opening and closing of doors. 

Thanks to the durable 16” disc brakes, you can brake easily even under full load conditions. Family minibus requires increased safety concerns and the Hyundai H-1 is fully compliant with them. It involves a system of airbags that will protect you and your passengers from injury at the right time.

Ford Transit

Family travelers often pick up a Ford Transit rental car. The fact is that even the basic equipment of the model implies the presence of an adjustable steering column, a rear lifting door, a pair of side sliding doors, a set of powerful fog lights and a programmable pre-heater.

 The 12-seater model has air conditioning, a multimedia audio system with simple controls, and comfortable heating system for passengers. When searching for the best minibus for families and small companies, you should pay attention to this option. 

The system of front and side airbags, and reliable child seat locks will ensure safety. It’s also convenient to use the electronic stability control system. Such options as parking sensors, cruise control, and tire pressure monitoring will also greatly assist the driver.

Peugeot Boxer Tourist 

The French brand is popular with travelers who value comfort, reliability and a smooth ride. The Peugeot Boxer Tourist provides a pleasant experience with soft suspension, roomy interior and affordable prices in the car rental market. 

The minibus has an excellent carrying capacity, a high-power engine, an autonomous heater and air conditioning system. Renters appreciate the optimal ratio of cost and quality, as well as unpretentiousness and economy of the car, which will become an ideal assistant in family trips.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class 

When deciding which rental car to choose for a family trip, you should pay attention to the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. It will allow you to get the most out of the ease of operation, high quality interior trim and accessories. 

A large minibus will be a practical solution for traveling with the whole family, even over long distances. The basic equipment includes a spacious trunk, a driver fatigue monitoring sensor, a collision avoidance sensor and additional options that increase comfort and safety. The other advantages of the car are a spacious interior, high quality design, and dynamic characteristics of diesel engines.

Citroen Jumper 

Which minibus is more profitable to pick up for a family trip? Citroen Jumper is a money-saving choice for those looking to rent a car on a budget. Despite the affordable price, the car focuses on road safety through the Hill Start Assistant, as well as Lane Keeping Assistant. 

The car is equipped with tire pressure monitoring, and the ability to transform the interior. There’s a maximum of space for the carriage of passengers and all kinds of baggage. Several bodywork variations of the model can accommodate up to 18 people inside the cabin, while the weight of the car is 1,593-2,185 kg. 

Loyal value, perfect technical equipment and driving performance make this model an affordable budget solution for families and companies.

Volkswagen Transporter 

The main features of the car are practicality and reliability, typical for all Volkswagen minibuses. You can adjust the seats in 12 directions, which allows you to customize the interior as you like. The Volkswagen Transporter is equipped with modern driver assistance systems. They include automatic braking, automatic distance control and adaptive cruise control. International Drivers Association is very trusted and helpful association in nthe world. 

Among the main advantages of the car are excellent ergonomics, ease of control and good visibility, economical and powerful engine, as well as high cross-country ability. These are the main reasons why family travelers often choose this 12-seater car rental for their trips.

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