For How Long Can CBD Stay In Your System?

CBD is a product of the Cannabis plant, and it contains low traces of THC. THC causes hyperactivity in high amounts. These two compounds have health benefits, a reason people take them.

CBD occurs in many forms, and it shows different effects on different people because of the various body chemical composition. However, due to the amounts of THC in CBD products, you may be curious to know how long this compound stays in the body.

Can It Show In A Drug Test?

If you are about to begin a new job or move to another country, you might fear failing the test if you use CBD. The duration this compound stays in the system depends on various factors, but the standard time is two to 14 days.

This duration can be longer for some people and shorter for others. However, the amount of CBD you take, how often you use it, the method of use, and your body are some factors that will influence the duration.

Factors Influencing How Long CBD Stays In the System

●  How Much CBD You Use

The amount of CBD that goes into your body will contribute a lot to the duration the compound hangs around. For example, if you take higher amounts, your body will take longer to eliminate it, making the product detectable even after two weeks.

A person who started taking the product a month ago cannot compare it with someone who has taken CBD for years. The body of the person who has used it fewer times takes a shorter time to eliminate the compound.

●   How Often You Use CBD

The frequency of CBD usage also dictates how long it will stay in the body. The more frequently you take the product, the more it builds up in the system and the more time it will take to stop showing.

●   Body Composition

Bodies are different, and that’s why CBD’s good and adverse effects on the human body are not the same. The body mass index, water content, and metabolism will affect how long the substance stays in your body.

●   Feeding Habits

The type of food you eat, the quantity of the food, and the time you take it affects how long CBD will stay in your body. For example, taking CBD on an empty stomach will be metabolized fast and get eliminated quickly.

This is different from when you take the product on a full stomach. Metabolisis is slow because food takes a long time to be digested fully.

●   Method of Administration

CBD gummies are candies infused with CBD isolate. DynaWellness edibles are available in many flavours and formulations, and they’re THC-free, unlike most CBD oils and tinctures. You can learn more about DynaWellness gummies here.

Edibles like the gummies are easy to take, but they take longer to show effects. The longer the effects take to show, the longer the compound stays in the system. So a THC-free formulation, like DynaWellness soft chews, offers additional benefits.

When you take CBD in the form of tinctures, it goes to your bloodstream and brain directly. This absorption process takes a shorter time, and the effects take a shorter time to show, so the product leaves the body quickly.

●  The Type of Test

Some tests show even the tiniest traces of THC in the system, while others require you to have a certain level of THC. For example, some of the tests you can undergo are urine tests, blood and saliva tests.

Types of CBD Tests

●  Urine Test

CBD is detectable in urine. However, the detection window of CBD in urine depends on factors like the dose you took, the last time you used the compound, and the frequency of use. CBD can show up in a urine test until 3-14 days from the last day you took it.

Hair Test

Labs use hair to detect drugs taken over an extended period. This method can show traces of THC for even three months after you stop taking it. However, hair tests are uncommon with CBD screening.

Blood Test

Blood tests are not as uncommon as hair tests. A drop of blood can detect traces of CBD in the body. However, blood is not a preferred method of THC testing because of how quickly the substance leaves the bloodstream.

Saliva Test

Some labs will collect your saliva to test for CBD. However, CBD testing labs rarely use saliva to detect traces of the compound. Depending on the substance’s dosage and frequency of use, CBD can stay in the saliva for up to 36 hours.

How Long Do CBD Effects Take To Kick In?

When you take CBD for the first time, you will be anxious as you wait to feel any sign and know it has started kicking in. However, the time depends on factors like the method of taking it.

Taking the product as a tincture and vape take the least time for you to feel the effects. These two don’t go through digestion, which takes longer to complete and for absorption to occur.

Taking CBD as edibles like gummies takes the longest time for the effects to show because the compound mixes with food and goes to the stomach for digestion first. The entire process will have you feeling the effects of CBD 2 hours after taking it.

CBD Dosage

There is no definite dosage for CBD products. The compound reacts differently with various people because of the different chemical body compositions. A physician will help you determine the proper doses.

The health experts use your age, weight, and health conditions to determine the right amounts of CBD to take. If you start taking the compound without a doctor’s prescription, start with smaller doses.

When buying CBD Wholesale, check for CBD potency in each CBD product. This will also help you determine the correct dosage.

Final Words

CBD is detectable in the body, and the duration it will take to show negative in a test will depend on the factors mentioned. However, the standard time the compound takes to clear up from the system is one to two weeks.

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