Get to Know More About Solar Water Heaters

A solar heater in this case for water, is referred to an equipment that traps sun heatwaves aimed at increasing the temperature of the water. From the aforementioned, this equipment has beenfound to be a very affordable way for people to heat water especially for family use that isfor bathing, cleaning and washing purposes. It is important to understand that this solar heater not only makespossible for substantial and ecofriendly savings energy but also, as the solar energy is freeand in great contrast to the natural oil or the gas fuel.

Types of Solar Heaters

In general, and according to the current market survey, there are two varieties of solar waterheating systems. These are the active heater and the passive heater. The distinguishingfactor between the active solar heaterand the passive heater is that the active heaters have heating circulating pumps and controls in place, while thepassive solar heaters do not have any circulating pumps and controls.

How do Solar Heaters Work?

Having understood that a solar water heater is an equipment which is capable of providing hot or rather warm water for household uses such as but not limited to; washing clothes, showering or bathing, as well as cleaning surfaces. These functions are enabled by the pure use of solar energy. These devices are generally put in place rather installed around the terrace and/or anywhere where the sunlight is directly available and thus heats the water during the day time. The heated water is subsequently held in a storage tank which is well insulated for its use whenever required including night and mornings.

Things to Consider before buying a Solar Heater

The following are just but a few things one must put into great consideration when purchasing this equipment in today’s modern society, where there are many replicas and duplicates;

  1. The purpose to be served by the equipment with regards to size of people to benefit from its use. Will it be used in a large household or small?
  2. Its size as well as capacity will determine the amount of water it can hold, store and heat at once.
  3. The climate in one’s location will determine the types of Insulation tank. Places with very cold weather tend to have thinly insulted tank walls whereas areas in very hot climate tend to have tanks with thick insulators to avoid evaporation of the water being held, stored/ heated.
  4. Warranty as well as Certification id recommended when purchasing such devices due to later fixing, repairs and such services as may be required in the long-term use of the equipment. Considering the warranty as well as certification of any equipment is important to that regard for future reference.


In conclusion, that article sums up in detail yet precisely what a solar heater is, the many types of solar heaters there are in the market as well as how they function. The article also stipulates a guideline on some of the basics to consider before purchasing the device.

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