Heat press machine buyers guide

A heat press machine is a commercial iron that utilizes heat and pressure to press a garment. It’s also a must-have for practically any form of custom t-shirt printing, as well as a handy tool for other types of embellishment.

This article will lay down some of the important properties and factors to take note when buying a press machine.

Much of what you make and sell will determine which heat press machine is best for you. Because you’ll need to decide what you’re going to heat-press first, and then which press is appropriate for that application.

However, certain features of a heat press are universally beneficial for business applications. Whether you’re using direct to garment printing, rhinestone transfers, or spangle, the rules are the same.


Some of the properties and factors to take note when purchasing a press heat machine are;

Support and Warranty

A heat press machine that comes with technical support and a strong guarantee is the best heat press machine for a business.

The problem is that if you are purchasing the best heat machine for a Company or organization, you can expect to wait weeks for a replacement part. If you have a query, you can call back. A heat press machine is an important aspect of your business, and you’ll want to invest in one now to avoid downtime later.

Before you buy a heat press, be sure the heat platen is covered by a lifetime warranty. The heat press comes with a lifetime platen warranty as well as a one-year limited parts and labor warranty from themanufacturer. It also has a corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum framework for added strength and a powder-coated, baked-on finish for a fresh look.

Automatic vs. Manual

Both manual and automatic heat presses are available. An automatic press employs a timer function to open and close, whereas a manual press requires physical force to open and close. Some semi-automatic models combine the two.

Because they need less physical exertion and consequently produce less tiredness, automated and semi-automatic types are better suitable for high-production applications. The semi-automatic heat press machine price in Kenya is more costly than manual units.


Because the heat press is operated in a fairly physical manner throughout the day, the structure must be able to stand up.

That is to say, the craftsmanship can make a substantial difference between varying heat presses.


Temperature accuracy is essential for a long-lasting heat transfer application. Consider the type of temperature gauge and the maximum temperature when purchasing a heat press machine. Some applications necessitate temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

To achieve equal heating, a good heat press contains heating elements that are no more than 2 inches apart. Although thinner platens are less expensive, they lose heat considerably faster than thicker platens. Look for machines with platens that are at least 34 inches thick. Although thicker platens take longer to heat, they maintain a higher temperature.

Pressure application and materials used

A heat-press machine can be used for a variety of transfer applications, but a special machine intended for a specific application produces more consistent results.

Pressure is important when using rhinestones, spangles, and white toner transfers, such as those from the Digital Heat FX series.

A knob on the top of many heat press machines allows you to adjust the pressure. While this is fantastic for mechanical efficiency, getting precise pressure is difficult, which is why some presses have a digital pressure readout.

Size of the platen

The platen size of a heat-press machine controls the size of the design. A larger platen allows for more flexibility. For flat goods, the standard platen size ranges from 15 by 15 inches to 16 by 20 inches.Custom platens come in a variety of forms and sizes for transferring designs onto shoes, purses, hat bills, and other items. These platens are utilized in specialist or multifunctional machines and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Using the above hints will make it a lot easier for you to select the type of heat machine from the market. You don’t want your items to be of poor quality, whether you’re dealing with apparel or something else, especially if you’re intending to sell them to clients. Depending on your plans for a heat press do a good survey before purchasing one.

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