Hilarious Pranks to Do on Your Siblings

Many of us are stuck at home on the weekends and especially now with the current COVID-19 situation, and it can be tough to stay positive. However, there are so many things you can do to keep your spirit high. You can binge-watch your favorite series, cook something yummy, buy flowers that can boost your mood, or pull hilarious pranks on your siblings to give yourselves a good laugh.

You’ve probably pulled a prank on your siblings at some point in your life. You may have gone to bed early just so you could wake up and scare your sibling or take their favorite toy without telling them. However, the thing is that siblings are always trying to one-up each other when it comes to pranks.

It can be hard to keep an original prank going for more than a few days before someone else tries the same thing and ruins it all together. But that’s why we’re here, so you can get back at those pesky siblings for ruining your good time! We’ll show you how to pull off hilarious, creative pranks that will make their day unlike any other they’ve had before!

Best Pranks to Do on Siblings

McDonald’s Gets Big Makeover

If your siblings hate eating their veggies, this prank is for you! All you need to do is order a 20-piece chicken nugget meal from McDonald’s and replace the nuggets with vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, and celery. Then, invite your sibling for a snack.  They’ll surely be shocked when they find nothing but healthy foods heading towards them.

Fake Chocolate Brownies

Another way to prank your siblings is by making brownie look-alikes. Just coat your sponges with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, and your prank is set to go. But, of course, since everyone loves homemade brownies, your siblings will likely take a bite before realizing what exactly they have put in their mouth.

Favorite Condiment Prankee

If you’re feeling up for a good, harmless prank and your siblings are the type to take things too seriously, prank them by swapping out the condiments that they use most often. For example, you can replace ketchup with mayonnaise or mustard or put cream in their coffee instead of milk. It’s all about knowing what condiments your siblings use most often. This prank will definitely drive them nuts!

Toothpaste in Oreos

Here is a fun prank that will make your siblings think twice about eating an Oreo cookie again.  Just take an Oreo, put toothpaste in it, and then seal it back up so that your siblings won’t know until they bite into their cookie. The results are hilarious!  This prank is a fun way to get revenge on your siblings by surprising them with something gross or simply messing with them.

All Have Their Eyes on You

Put a set of googly eyes on everything and watch your siblings scream, laugh, and try to figure out where the eyes were coming from.  There are so many ways to put these little guys onto things like water bottles, traffic cones, or even on your pets if you’re feeling extra sneaky! No matter what kind of prankster you are, there is a way for you to have some fun with this. So grab the nearest pack of googly eyes and start pranking your siblings today.

“Bug” Your Siblings

Your siblings are probably the worst, but they’re also your family. As such, one of the best ways to get back at them is to scare for funsies. The best way to do this is by using realistic-looking plastic bugs that you can hide in their clothes or under their pillow. You’ll get a good laugh and hopefully teach them not to be so mean next time! Just ensure your siblings don’t see you hide the plastic bags. You don’t want them to see what’s coming, do you?

Confuse Them With Their Birthdays

You’ve probably told your younger siblings at least once in your life that they were adopted. However, did they actually believe it? You can make them think twice with an ingenious fake birth certificate prank. Many internet websites offer fake birth certificate papers. All you have to do is fill in the vital information and click print. Once you have the fake birth certificates, leave them somewhere your siblings will easily see them. Don’t forget to set up cameras so you can record their reactions!

The Classic Plastic on the Shampoo Bottle Prank

This classic plastic prank is so easy to pull off. Just put a small piece of plastic on top of the shampoo bottle. The unsuspecting victim squeezes the bottle, expecting to get that good lathery suds they are used to, but instead, they get nothing! This typically leads them to frantically shake or hit the bottle in an attempt to make it work again, which usually results in soap all over them.

Prank Call Them

Prank calls are also another gimmick that never gets old. In fact, now, you can have the chance to be a professional prankster with the rise of prank call apps like Ownage Pranks’ spoof call app. It features more than 100 pre-recorded pranks for all different kinds of situations, and it hides your personal information so that only people on the other end will get creeped out!

Things to Remember When Pranking Your Siblings

Assess the Situation First Before Doing Your Pranks

You might think that you’re the funniest person ever and that your pranks are hilarious. You may even be the life of the party, but there is a right way and a wrong way to prank your siblings. Assess what will happen if your siblings catch on to your plan. Is there enough time for them to figure out what’s going on before something else happens? If not, rethink or scrap your prank altogether because you don’t want everyone laughing at you instead of with you. Also, think about your siblings’ personalities. Some people just can’t take a joke, so make sure they’re not one of those before pulling pranks on them.

Pranks Should be Funny. Not Traumatizing

Pranks are a funny way to get someone back for something they did. However, there is a fine line between being funny and traumatizing people. So have fun pranking your siblings but do not do anything that will leave them feeling scared, sad, or violated.

Make Sure You Make Up on Your Siblings After the Prank

You might not be on speaking terms with your siblings after pulling a prank on them, but it’s essential to make up and apologize! It’s good for families to have fun together and joke around. Just don’t forget that you’re still family and should love each other unconditionally.

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