How a POP Display can help a business

Have you ever walked into a local convenience store and been visually struck by a life size image of a race car driver holding a case of beer. You were struck when you first saw it because you thought he or she was real and standing by the checkout counter. That is a very effective POP. It draws your attention to the race car driver, then the beer he or she is holding. The intent is that you will see the beer and decide you need some before checking out. You will have purchased something, or some things, in addition to what you had intended when you walked into the store.

Point of Purchase displays are generally made from two plastic materials that accept printing ink formulations, as well as paper, with the same visual result. They can be printed with digital photos (like the race car driver POP) or logos and other art work. The materials are called foam core, sometimes known as foam board, and Coroplast. Both print equally as well, the difference is in their usage. Foam core is designed for inside use while Coroplast is designed for outside use. It is treated to withstand the damaging sun rays, rain and wind. Coroplast is also used inside on many occasions. Following is a description of both of the materials:

Foam Board or Foam Core – Available in 3/16″ or 3/8″ thickness with smooth surface on both sides allowing for one or two sided printing. It can be printed on sizes up to 4′ x 8′ standard and up to 5′ x 10′ custom. It is a more delicate material than Coroplast and is typically placed on easels or stood upright with a brace like the race car driver at the convenience store. It is not waterproof, so should not be used outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Coroplast – Available in 4mm thick white material with two smooth sides drawn over corrugated plastic flutes. It also can be printed on one side or two. It is best known for the real estate yard signs or candidate signs during the elections. Like the Foam Board, they range up to 4′ x 8′ standard and 5′ x 10′ custom. With proper care, it can be exposed to the outdoor elements for long periods of time.

How Can POP Displays help my business?

The specific application depends on your business, but like the race car driver at the convenience store, the goal is to have your customer become motivated to buy more at the checkout counter than he or she had originally intended. Examples include a salon that has a life size POP display of a beautiful women holding a container of a hair product sold in the salon, or a pizzeria that has a mouth watering image of bread sticks and garlic butter to induce customers while paying for their pizza.

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