How can silicones ensure the performance and safety of electronic components ?

No doubt, silicone is one of the most used by electronic manufacturers. Besides, silicone is efficient and durable, no wonder it is used more often. Considering that silicone is cheaper and easily gotten also makes it an electronic manufacturer’s choice. Silicone is used in the manufacturing of electronics for its ability to remain intact even in harsh weather.  Let’s check out how silicone ensures that electronics perform better. If you need to have a PCB assembly done as soon as possible, we can help! Our team is available 24/7 and we have a wide variety of urgent PCB assembly services available.

Protective Sensitive Electronic Components

Based on the enormous ability of the silicone to cope with harsh weather, when used to manufacture electronics, it also keeps it safe in extreme weather conditions. Silicone protects the electronics from environmental contaminants.  Since silicone can be used as adhesives and sealants, the electronic device would be safer for use and more durable. Besides, the ability of silicone to withstand tough weather conditions gives it an edge over other compounds.

  • Conformal Coating

More so, any silicone-based conformal coating protects the electronics from humidity and other extreme weather conditions. As you may know, silicone-based conformal coatings electrically isolate other conductors on the panel.

Furthermore, silicone-based conformal coating is applied at the final stage of manufacturing the electronics to provide low viscosity and adhesion. This would help in minimizing the accumulation of moisture.

  • Sealing and Bonding

One of the major uses of silicone is to seal and bond substrates on the modules or printed circuit board. More so, you can use silicone in place of solder to attach components to the printed circuit board. Meanwhile, you can use silicone to bond microprocessors, LED, and other components.

Silicone properties remain intact even when they are subjected to the harshest temperatures, so they can withstand heat. If the electronics are operating at a very high temperature, the silicone will not bulge or melt like other components.

  • Potting and Encapsulation

Based on the softness, high-temperature resistance of the silicone, it is one of the best materials for potting and encapsulation. It helps keep the electronics encapsulated and offers the best potting. Most often, silicone is used in potting and encapsulating electronics that go through extreme temperatures.

Using silicone helps to transfer the heat away from the transformers, rectifiers, and other sensitive components. In the process, silicone protects these components from humidity too.

Silicone As a Good Electric Insulator

In case you don’t know, silicone is commonly used these days by electronic manufacturers because it is the best electronic insulator. These and many things make it the insulator of choice for most electronic manufacturers.

Besides, before now, soldering was the commonest insulator that was used by electronic manufacturers. Interestingly, silicone was discovered as far back as 1940 by Dow Corning engineers.  Although silicone was discovered then, it became popular among electronic manufactures in the new millennium. A lot of electronic manufacturers were still doubtful of the ability of this insulator.

However, silicone became popular among electrical manufacturers. By then electronic manufacturers were still apprehensive. Silicone was first used for insulator maintenance and it was effective because it diminished pollution and flashovers.

Wrapping Up

You can barely find an electronic device produced in this new millennium that was not manufactured with silicone. The ability to maintain their cool in high temperatures has made electronic manufacturers opt for silicone over any other insulator. Besides, silicone is readily available and also cheap compared to other insulators.

Finally, silicone is the reason most electronics can work 24 hours without overheating or getting burnt after prolonged usage. These days, electronics are used 24/7 without being switched off because of the use of silicone in producing them.

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