How Can You Find the Best Beach Towels for Your Vacation?

Vacations are so much fun, and relaxing on the beach under the sun sounds so serene! Whether you have planned a getaway to a tropical island or a weekend trip to the beach, it is essential to carry a beach towel.

Some of them pack the beach towel, whereas others get the beach towel from the hotel they choose to stay for the vacation. The best beach towels are lightweight and can be packed well. They can also dry quickly. Although some people are satisfied with a bath towel, a beach towel is highly recommended for you to utilize on the beach.

Beach towels bought from the beach city are priced high, so it is better to buy them elsewhere. But which are the best beach towels? Hence, this checklist will make it easier for you to select the best for your vacation.

Microfiber Beach Towels

It is simply amazing to know that a quick-dry towel exists. But how does that work? The quick-dry microfiber towel contains a material that helps in drying out the wet towel very quickly. The sand-free microfiber towel is created from polyester fabric, making the fabric weave a little apart so that the sand won’t get trapped inside the material, making it easy to brush the sand off. These microfiber beach towels are getting a well-received response each day. And why is that so? It is because of the quick-dry and sand-free options. These microfiber beach towels are not only affordable but will also benefit you when you go to the beach since it has the absolute best features.


Have you heard of an environment-friendly beach towel before? Purchasing a towel like that and strolling along the beach will make you proud since you take the environment into consideration. What are these eco-friendly towels? You must have heard about the Better Cotton Initiative, which is a global non-profit organization that focuses on making the production of cotton safer, sustainable for the environment and better for the future. You can use beach towels created from sourced cotton, and measures are taken as per the guidelines given by Better Cotton Initiative, which focus on healthy organic soil and water efficiency, preserving the cotton quality as it grows in its natural habitat while eliminating any harmful processes during production.

Hands-Free Beach Towel

The large beach towels are heavy and tend to take up a good amount of space in your bag. People usually prefer more oversized beach towels because their children or some other family members will fit in just right, and they will be able to eat, drink and relax on the beach. Hands-free towels will have an attachable strap for you to roll your towel up to secure it and wraparound straps to keep the towel from rolling. But, what can you benefit from having this towel?

You wouldn’t need to put your towel covered with sand in your bag along with the other items or even the towel that is wet; you can carry the towel over your shoulders comfortably.

You can settle on any one of these best beach towels, and now that you know the types, for sure that selecting a beach towel won’t be a stumbling block anymore. And your vacation will undoubtedly turn out to be remarkable.

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