How does a vacuum cleaner work?

A vacuum cleaner is an electrical appliance that collects dust and small particles from the floor and other surfaces. It uses electricity to work. The dust is collected in a dust bag and is later disposed of.

The article shows how to use it, its uses, care and maintenance.

It collects dirt by a cyclone which is disposed of. It is used at home and exists in different sizes and models. They have turned house cleaning more efficient. Here are its parts and their functions.

Negative pressure

When you sip a drink using a straw, the action of sucking creates a negative pressure that is lower than that of the atmosphere in the straw. The cleaner creates a negative pressure that allows the air to flow in.

Electric motor

It spins like a fun sucking of any small particles. It pushes it on the other side into a bag to create negative pressure. It has an exhaust port that vents the air out, allowing the motor to continue functioning well.


On top of the dirt, it picks up and collects the particles you can see with your bear’s eyes. They are inhaled in large amounts that can cause damage to the lungs. The bag traps not all particles, and it passes the air through to a fine filter (fine efficiency particulate arresting) to remove the dust.


The power is determined by the size of the intake port that sucks up the dirt. When the intake size is a lot, the suction power is generated as it pushes an equal amount of air via the narrower passage showing that the air must move faster. The cleaners’ attachments with small ports have higher suction than bigger ones.

Uses of vacuum cleaners

The best vacuum cleaners in Kenya capture excess pet hair sticking to rugs and tumbling along with the floors. You can clean the pets’ beddings using it.

They reduce indoor allergens by using the dust brush attachment to clean your doors and window.

You recover small items that you may have dropped, for example, a nail. Place a piece of mesh over the end of the crevice tool with a rubber band and suction to trap it against the mesh for recovery.

They clean the kitchen appliances because they are used to remove dust from the refrigerator coils and condenser. Also, they prevent fire by removing crumbs from the unplugged toaster and oven toasters.

Care and maintenance

When cleaning it, unplug the vacuum cleaner and remove the canister. Wipe using a clean, dry cloth. Wash the canister using soapy water and rinse it. Leave the canister to dry and then fix it back.

Make sure you change the belts because they stretch and wear out. Clean the roller brush and replace the bag when full. The filters should be kept clean. Observe its performance and properly adjust the nozzle. Service it more often.

In conclusion, it is the best tool to use today as it is fast and does quality work. It is environmentally friendly. It makes our work easier always. Check vacuum cleaner price in Kenya.

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