How Good are the mdf boards

Mdf refers to a medium density fiber-board which is a form of timber produced from residuals of hard wood or soft hood and given a smooth finishing touch. The end product is thus a compressed board that has widely replaced ordinary timber due to its admirable appearance. This article will be looking at the costs of the product in Kenya.

Every new product in the market is definitely a result of innovation. Innovative products just like mdf boards come with a price tag that at face value seems too high. A closer look at the overall uses of such products reveals that they are conventionally affordable and need to be embraced by various users such as construction companies and carpenters.

Home and business owners cannot be overlooked when talking about the affordability of mdf boards. This is because these boards have revolutionized home and business premises decoration. This has eventually led to a reduction in the average cost of construction in our country due to the following factors;


These boards have been and are still being used in construction sites to a larger extent. They have provided a convenient and fastest way of completing the interior decoration of office blocks, house partitioning and shelves in business premises. It is thus seen that their use has reduced exploitation of rocks and trees for building materials.


They are made from recycled chips of wood and as such are seen to be readily available. They can be found in most hard-wares and timber yards in all corners of the Kenyan market. This explains why one cannot miss to pick a product or two made from mdf boards in most shops and homes.

Environmental conservation

The emergence of mdf manufacturing factories in Kenya has led to a reduction of pressure on our forests. This is because these boards are made from mostly recycled wood. Most Kenyans for sure believe that mdf board price in Kenya as it is today, is generally affordable to a majority of households.

Its general acceptance has led to a cleaner and greener atmosphere. This in essence translates to a better and healthier living environment for both wild and domesticated animals as well as human beings.

Challenges of using mdf boards

It is common knowledge that every product in the market has a fair share of short comings and mdf boards are not an exception.

These boards easily break loose once in touch with water and loose their durability and beauty. They need extra caution when handling. They can therefore not be used on the exterior however beautiful they may look.


From the above highlights, it is evidently coming out that mdf boards have found space in a majority of Kenyan market due to their value and affordable cost in addition to their appealing look. They have allowed many Kenyans to complete construction of their homes and office blocks in the shortest time. Personally, I have a feeling that we can embrace innovation at whatever the cost.

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