How Has Technology Helped India in its Survival throughout the Pandemic?


Nature for a long has come to test the survival of us, humans, with the capacity we have; Pandemic could be considered as one similar test of the nature that is conducted on us, especially for those who have been habituated with the traditional form of services and practices. It was made several damages for us and made us familiar with the importance of emerging out of our shells and looking at things beyond our capability. It is essential for survival as the world moves to a technologically driven era where even artificial intelligence and tools like ERP. Enterprise resource management, LMS, a learning management system, and other recent and futuristic innovations can lead us to the most comfortable lives ever.

Tools like ERP are known so much in use, as they make operations necessary for the processes much more accessible, sustainable, and less human involvement. Let us now look at the basic definition of ERP to understand its essentialities better. With such tools, eLearning and professional fields have gained a sort of pace into the success they are achieving or the efforts they are putting in to maintain further establishments and processes.

What is ERP?

ERP OR Enterprise Resource Planning is a tool that has been innovated by Technology recently, which has the sole objective of helping expedite the management processes for small and large businesses and educational establishments. ERP is basically software designed using Technology to support facilities of modernity and help humans make their lives super easy and comforting like never before.

The main goal of innovations is, in general, to make lives easy for humans and invent something that could be sustainably used up by humans and which can protect and provide humans with further challenges that they can quickly solve using these tools.

We all are well aware of the ubiquitous presence that Technology and computers have to build across us, and so the education sector. The education sector is well aware of the advantages and comfort these communication devices and Technology offer humans. So, they have now started implementing these tools and Technology into the sector for better functioning and comfort. It is not only the education and research sector where these tools could be proved essential. These tools and technologies have also shown people how efficiently they can perform other functions like administration, organization, and other areas included in the education sector itself.

Why has ERP been introduced into the educational sectors?

You might have come across the phrase that goes like this,” Out with the old, In with the new.”.

Like many other sectors currently serving and working for humanity in the world education sector has realized how beneficial and advantageous is the implementation of these tools. The performance is solely done to operate the sector’s potential to its maximum. The world is turning towards an eco-friendly era; it is now focusing on creating an environment where one can access all learning and note-making without paper. Designed content in the form of presentations or pdf has been created with help of these tools to upload the same on portals. Afterward, it becomes accessible to a greater population.

Perks of implementing tools like ERP into the education system

If we look into the perks deep, something that will strike us first is the cost-effectiveness of such tools. Essential functions that need to be done in schools, colleges, or other educational firms require human resources. It is necessary for performing admission processes and others manually. Thus, it is a burden on the institution as the finances saved from them could be used elsewhere to better the students studying there if such things are done by mobile teacher app using Enterprise Resource planning that is ERP.

Also, whatever work or data these tools work with or on are conducted on an error-free basis, and the feeding of data for sustainable usage through these tools becomes more efficient and effective.

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