How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Support You During Menopause

Hormone replacement therapy is a popular way of providing natural hormone balance to restore body function. As you age and approach menopause, your hormone levels decline. Since hormones are messengers to your body controlling every function, you might experience several complications related to decreasing hormone levels. However, you can gain from hormone replacement in Lady Lake to restore the balance and manage the complications you might be experiencing. See what you can do to gain more from this therapy herein.

Discuss Your Plan with Your Doctor

If you think you can benefit from hormone replacement therapy, the initial step you need to take is talking to your doctor about it. Remember that although it is a useful tool, this therapy comes with several effects which can increase your chances for complications. But your provider will help you understand if it is the best way to manage your menopause symptoms. Note that several therapy methods can be applied and pose different risks, but your doctor will take you into the process to help you understand better. You will also have to draft a plan as you will need to meet your doctor often throughout your treatment to adjust your dose while monitoring your symptoms.

Consider Estrogen Pills for Mild Issues

A low-dose estrogen pill is mainly the initial treatment when you start hormone replacement therapy. It involves taking a pill every day, and it is highly recommended you take the pill simultaneously every day. This will regulate your routine hormonal cycle, improving some mild symptoms of menopause like reduced sex drive, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes. In most cases, your doctor will assess if you are gaining from the treatment after three months through blood work to ensure your hormones are in a good range.

Go for Topical Estrogen Treatments

Sometimes you might not feel safe using the estrogen pills, and topical estrogen treatments tend to be safer. This includes estrogen gels, creams, sprays, and patches. These treatments are applied to different parts of your body depending on the type and brand. Therefore, it is good to understand the dose and application instructions by consulting your provider and reading the labels.

Reduce Uterine Cancer Risks by Taking Estrogen and Progesterone

If you have learned that you are at a higher risk of developing uterine cancer, you can consult your doctor about combined estrogen and progesterone. This will come as a pill or tablet, which you have to try as much as possible to take at the same time daily. Although you can take the inconsistent pills course, they can also come in packs to alternate between combined tablets and estrogen tablets. Generally, this treatment will not only reduce your cancer risks but will also increase your energy levels and minimize your chances of developing brittle bones.

Manage Vaginal Symptoms Through Low-Dose Products

If you are experiencing vaginal complications like dryness, you can benefit from low-dose vaginal products. These are preparations of estrogen that can come as a ring, tablet, or cream. The dose differs from one patient to another, and it is essential to discuss the treatment with your doctor to evaluate your unique needs.

Learn more about hormone replacement therapy for menstrual symptoms at Integrated Family Medical Center. Book your appointment and discuss with your provider your needs to understand the best treatment for you.

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