How Online Reputation Management be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Reputation management is highly important today. Right from your product’s value to the quality of the customer service, the people are posting, talking as well as tweeting about you everywhere. Businesses today cannot afford to ignore such conversations that are related to their business reputation. Around 57% of the consumers look at the brand’s social network presence and learn about the new products & services that they offer. Despite such popular belief, the online reputation is not something that is completely beyond your control, and you must look for a professional branding and marketing company.

What’s Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is a multi-faceted concept, which is generally aimed at creating a positive public perception for the business, brand, and person. Reputation management mainly includes monitoring your business reputation, addressing content and customer feedback, which can damage your brand, and using various strategies that will prevent & solve the problems that can damage the entity’s reputation.

How does ORM impact your online business?

Suppose you fail in handling your reputation management online properly, it can affect your business in many different ways.

You might also suffer huge losses in the business if any negative content and bad customer experience get viral. It will be an occasional incident but in case you don’t counter such reports rightly, you may have a huge problem at hand. People may assume most of the products are either bad or will be known for the poor service.

The negative reviews will stop around 40% of your consumers looking to use your business, hence you fail to get the prospective customers. People may look for information before they confirm the buying decision. A reputed online reputation management firm will help you remove negative news articles about you or your brand from the internet.

No matter whether you are selling products, provide services and treat your patients, you should manage your reputation properly. Don’t let the occasional mistake ever affect your business. Do not allow competitors or disgruntled employees, and angry customers to affect your brand or business negatively.

Why Is Reputation Management Important for Your Business?

Data from the recent research notes that around one-third of the consumers discover the new accounts and follow through the word-of-mouth.

Your customers will do serious legwork just by marketing for you, granted they are satisfied with the service that you provide.

Impact on the buying decisions

Lack of the management of online reputation will actually cost you the customer base. Like 81% of the buyers do online research before they make the final purchase, in a way you come online is make or break factor in the final decision. Your reputation is a business check with around 88% of the consumers reading out reviews to decide if the business is reliable.

Get right feedback

Monitoring is an important part of managing the online reputation. You may start collecting a few useful insights over customer satisfaction & feedback regarding the product and services. Hence, before doing polling, surveys, or going over the world for customer feedback, you may just pay close attention to what the customers need to say about the business.

Stay proactive & positive when you respond to the mentions

No matter whether it is the concern or compliment, mentions will give prime opportunities and make a positive impression over customers & improve your reputation online. Such a thing comes down to apply the right strategy for social customer care. Certain key tips to respond to the customers include:

  • Moving questions and concerns off of social media to avoid any unnecessary conflict and back-and-forth
  • Give the last word with “thanks”
  • Personalizing every reply instead of copy-and-pasting the generic one

It may sound a bit cheesy, but a positive and proactive attitude will go a very long way in reputation management. It rings true while responding to the shout-outs. Online reputation management doesn’t need plenty of investment. You only have to spend some hours every week managing your reputation online.

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