How To Boost Your Startup with Video, 5 Powerful Tactics

Video is surely one of the best sales and marketing tool in the internet era right now to stimulate your business growth. About 72% of internet users were using video content in 2016, which reached to 80 percent in 2020 and now in 2021 it has reached up to 81 percent. This is to show us up to what extent the video content is being used today.

Now when we talk about the business startups any of us who has ever tried to start a new startup can relate to the fact that growing and building a business is difficult and requires a lot of efforts. Startups should not settle on any less then massive growth. The survival on the newly started businesses depends on quick actions and income-generating ideas. If your business is not bringing you the planned income, then the money invested in it will simply get waste. All what investors want is sales. When you invest time and money to create an awesome product the next most important thing you should do is to create a world class marketing strategy to bring that product up in front of the consumers.

Traditional marketing was costly as well a big hassle for the business owners. Then internet marketing came and we can say quite confidently that it changed the whole branding game. But now when this has become a norm to launch a product online, this online marketing has become more competitive then when it has started a few years back. Companies who were not even aware of internet business are now excelling in marketing their business online. This has made internet a great marketing medium of today’s world. Till date more marketers are using video marketing as a mode of sales and marketing their product. We have many Top startup video examples which have changed the marketing strategy of the said businesses.

Why use Video Marketing?

Video marketing has left text and images far behind in marketing race. Using videos as your marketing tactic also has a leverage of them being vibrant and colorful. This way you can attract the customer’s interest for a long time rather than simply written content. If you opt for colorful videos despite of common black and white combination, as color has a very powerful psychological influence on the human brain, this will be more beneficial for the business. A recent report depicts that the viewers respond to colorful ads more than black and white ads.

For the matter of sales, you should not ignore the importance of video in marketing the product.

5 Powerful Tactics for video making to boost your business:

For using video marketing to the best of its use we are discussing 5 powerful tactics which can make your marketing video a bomb. This way you can accelerate your business and reach your target audience quickly.

Concise and Coherent

The video content should be very to the point and precise. The best time frame of a video content is between 60 to 90 seconds. As a short and concise video will grab your user’s attention than a longer one. The short but complete message should be given in the video about the product, so the customer can have a clear idea about your product within seconds. A lot of brain storming should be done in order to create a nice script for the video, as this is the beginning of the video making.

Solid Storyline

Now a day the video should not be created on any random details. The cut-throat competition in media industry will wipe out any low-quality ads within days of being launched. A strong story should be created around your product which keep the interest of your viewers in the video to watch it till the end. You can add moral at the end of the story created so that will make the viewer make a quick decision about the product. Top startup video examples show why people still remember them and are fan of those products.

Customer Oriented

For whom are you making your product? What age range is your product made for? Who is your potential customer?

You must ask yourself these questions before making the video content. This way the video made would be exactly targeting the viewer you want to sale your product to. If you are unable to attract viewers with your videos, then you must rethink the whole video making process.

Colorful Animation

Animation gives your content a longer life. This is the innovation that has changed the sales and marketing game totally. Animation makes the video interested for both kids and adults at the same time. Through this you can target multiple age groups by your content and generate sales from all age groups.

Promote Content

After making a Steller video content while keeping in mind all the elements to keep your video top class, the next thing to do is to make it public and viewable for the consumers. Choose the right platform to circulate your video content. Now a day every social media platform has video sharing option. This shows the importance of video content. So share your video on social media as in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Or you can use YouTube as a medium of sharing your content.

You can see multiple Top startup video examples before creating any video content so you would be aware of the pattern on which videos are made and shared.

Ending Note:

Video marketing can boost your startup far faster than any other medium of sales and marketing. This is more eye-catchy and engaging type of content. Its keeps you customers hooked for longer period of time. Ultimately generating more sales than other mediums. If you want to have customer targeted videos for your business you can reach BuzzFlick, an animation video production company for the video making purpose. BuzzFlick will make sure to create a lead generating video content that will instantly boost up your business startup.

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