How to crack the CBSE Board Exam for 10th Standard

The CBSE board examination for the 10th standard is a very important milestone in determining the career path of a student. The board examination serves as a pivotal point for the student’s future studies. A wide variety of new topics are introduced to the students in 10th standard and through these subjects, the students get informed about the future academic choices which help or them to select the appropriate subjects and stream suitable for each student.

Even so, a student must be thoroughly prepared such that this milestone can lead to a career path that is successful and satisfactory to the student. Hence, we can see the CBSE Board examination for the 10th standard as a milestone that is very much important in every student’s experience in learning and education. Scoring good marks in this examination is a stepping stone that will eventually help the student in landing his or her dream job.

To get a better understanding, let us take a look at the examination pattern. Upon observing the recent change in the exam pattern, questions that are objective type take up twenty-five percent in all the subjects’ question papers in the CBSE board examination for 10th standard.

Therefore, twenty marks of the total eighty marks are found in questions that are of objective type, and these twenty marks are distributed among questions like multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, questions that require one word to answer, etc. With this new change, students now get the chance to score good marks and at the same time benefits, the students as their burden of answer long answers has now been reduced by twenty marks.

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However, there may some challenges that some students may face before appearing for the examination. These challenges may be low self-esteem and confidence in a student’s own ability to do well in the exam, not well prepared with the important topics from where the questions may come from, etc. To tackle challenges such as these, the student can simply take a look and attempt the question paper of the previous year that will serve as a mock exam to boost the confidence of the student which in turn will prevent on the spot confusion due to anxiety and nervousness on the day of the actual examination.

Students should also make a strategized methodology for answering and solving the question paper. This will develop a focused mindset before the examination.

Some tips to remember when appearing for CBSE Board examination for 10th standard.

The first thing that should be done is to go through the question paper carefully. Before answering the questions, the student should first clearly understand the question that is being asked in the paper. Also, check the marks distribution of each question and figure out the length of the answer accordingly.

Set aside the first ten to fifteen minutes of the exam duration just to read and go through the question paper. Doing this will help the student find the questions that can be answered easily, moderately challenging, and difficult.

Make sure to first answer the easy questions, then proceed to attempt the questions that are mildly challenging and finally move on to take on the tough questions otherwise time will be wasted in thinking about the tough questions and run out of time to answer the other easy questions.

It is common to come across questions that consist of internal options. Make sure to always choose by answering the question that is very familiar to the student.

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