How to do dumbbell pullover

Lifting weights is the most widespread and practiced exercise in the world. It is an activity carried out through resistance movements with a team of weights to help stimulate the development and growth of the muscles of the body and its toning. With lifting weights, you can develop strength and tone the body, shaping and increasing the biceps, triceps, chest, back, calves, etc. To make the most of this exercise, stay with us to know how to lift weights correctly. And thus, achieve healthy activity without putting your muscles at risk.

What weight do you start with?

For an older person, a kilo may be enough. Others will be able to lift five on their first day. And the same with the machines: it may be 15 or 40, depending on the muscle groups involved. A trick to know what the weight is. The right thing they can mobilize in each exercise is to do 15 to 20 repetitions, and that the last ones cost a lot, but that you can finish them. If you don’t reach the last one, you have to put less weight. If you arrive too loose, look for a giant dumbbell pullover or raise a resistance level on the machine.

How much time should you spend on it?

Every 15 or 20 repetitions constitute what, in slang, is called a series. You have to repeat 3 or 4 sets of each exercise, leaving a minute or two of rest between each one. The rhythm should be slow and smooth, without jerks. There will be time for HIIT or to play with the rhythms. Even if you look good at the end of the last series, do not overdo it or do more weight than necessary.  If you go upstairs the next day, you will pay for it with incredible stiffness. It is a physiological response of the body, but for the brain. It is as if the alarms of something negative went off. You start with excuses and end up abandoning training after the first session. At most, dedicate an hour and on alternate days.

As for which exercises are best for the beginner, nothing to try to emulate the videos of Sergio Ramos or Cristiano Ronaldo.

When do you have to increase the load?

If all goes well, you will begin to reap the fruits of so many hours in a few weeks. They are seen first in areas with little fat, such as the pectorals or arms. In the abdominals, it takes longer, especially if you have to eliminate love handles first. You’ll find that you lift the weight effortlessly and hit the last set like a rose. It is time to level up.

This step does not happen at the same time for everyone. For some users, after two weeks, you can already sequence a training with more load and more specific exercises according to the objectives that have been proposed, which range from losing weight to hypertrophy. But there is also genetics that has a hard time creating new muscle fibers.

A common mistake after the first few weeks wants to focus more on one area than others. They tend to like the upper body more, to show off their arms or pectorals on the beach. They focus on the buttocks. But all muscle groups have to be worked in a balanced way. Otherwise, you can suffer an injury or end up with a deformed body. Like those men with wire legs and massive pecs and arms.

Prepare your muscles before starting.

This is essential to avoid injuries. Warming up and stretching helps to eliminate the stiffness of the muscles so that you can train better and correctly do the movements. Stretching increases your range of motion so you can work out deeper and get better results. It’s also vital to try after training to help your muscles recover.

Go for the dumbbells.

With these, you do not need a spotter to help you carry the weight. In addition, these will make you work harder, which is good to gain more strength and find your rhythm.

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