How to Groom Your Maine Coone

As a proud pet owner of Maine Coon, grooming your pet will be one of the first questions you’ll likely receive. As this breed is famous for its lush, thick fur, you should know that caring for it won’t be easy. But you have to take good care of your pet’s fur, as it’s not only beautiful, but it has a purpose – it keeps your Maine Coon warmed up and protected from extremes.

Maine Coon cats are tidy animals that like to keep their bodies clean. So their grooming needs must be met regularly, with particular concerns to ear cleaning and shedding. Keeping a regular schedule of bathing will help both you and your cat maintain a healthy relationship. On this web page, you can see all the reasons why Maine Coons are great pets.

Daily Brushing

Because of their size and dense fur, many think of Maine Coons as high-maintenance pets. This statement is partly true because some regular hygiene habits can make your job much easier. For example, a few minutes of daily brushing can prevent hair from tangling. Regular removal of fallen hair will keep your pet’s coat silky and lush.

Do brushing daily, as it takes only a couple of minutes. Sweeping your cat’s fur can help get rid of hair that might get trapped in the ears. If your pet suffers from an ear infection, make sure you use a particular brush for that area since you don’t want to spread the bacteria to the rest of the body.

Nail Trimming

One other tip on grooming Maine Coon cats is to trim their nails regularly. The nail bed is the part of the nail where a lot of dirt and stray hair ends. Keep an eye out for any broken or damaged nails and keep them trimmed so that your Maine Coon is less likely to get tangled in it. Trimming their claws also ensures that you will see the tracks left by the fallen hairs when you run your fingers over the paws. That will help you keep track of excessive shedding that can indicate some serious health issues.

Monthly Bathing

Another tip on how to groom Maine coon cats is to bathe them regularly but not too often. Maine Coons have thick fur, which is somehow resistant to dirt collection. They won’t get messy in a day or two, especially as these felines have great hygiene habits.

But after a while, dirt, grease, and all kinds of stuff can get inside the Maine Coon’s coat. If neglected, anything of that can cause skin diseases and irritations. Monthly baths will prevent these problems.

Bathing in warmish water with shampoo will eliminate mats, tangles, and dirty hair. That will keep your cat’s looking their very best. Once a month is generally good enough, but you can bathe your cat every two weeks if you feel like it. Use specialized rubber gloves to remove loose hair.

Ear Hygiene

Ear cleaning should be a part of the bathing routine. The procedure is very simple if you do it regularly – just soak cotton balls in warm water and wipe the inner and outer ears. If there are some stubborn dirt or grease deposits, repeat the procedure as many times as needed.

You can even use a washcloth to gently scrub the inside of each ear. Scrubbing will remove any dirt or hair that may have gotten trapped inside the ear canal. You can also try using baby shampoo, which is specially formulated for cleaning baby skin.

More tips on cleaning your kitty’s ears check below:

If your Maine Coon cat has any problem with ears, it’s important to treat this issue at the root. Often, it is caused by dirt and bacteria developed inside. The best prevention is cleaning clean this area regularly. But if your pet has some more severe problem, like ear mites or infection, your vet will probably prescribe a remedy for that.

Use Specialized Accessories

Maine Coon’s hair deserves special care, so you will need some high-quality cat grooming tools and products. You can buy specialized brushes, combs, and other stuff at every well-supplied pet shop or your vet’s office.

Look for high-quality cotton or synthetic cat flushes, head brushes, and combs at your local pet store. As Maine Coon’s claws are sharp and curved, you will need a particular clipper. You can find a bunch of these online. These items won’t break the bank and are still just as effective as those you buy at the vet’s office.

Regular Vet Checkups

The grooming needs of any pet should also include regular vet checkups. These are necessary as Maine Coon cat breed is prone to hair and skin issues. Their long, thick fur can sometimes be troublesome, as it can hide many underlying issues, like fleas or parasites. Also, a vet could detect the presence of ear mites.

If there is a serious problem with your Maine Coon, such as hair loss, you should contact your vet right away. When this problem is neglected, not only can you expect to pay a lot more at the vet, but your pet could potentially lose that lush, beautiful coat. Excessive hair loss is definitely a health problem that requires medical attention.

Maine Coon is one of the rare cat breeds that love to be bathed and will be even more excited once you start brushing them. You should use this to your advantage and take good care of your feline. Maine Coons are great animals, and if you’re already honored to have one of these, do your best to make your pet happy.

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