How to make a Bot Lobby on Call of Duty?

Players are employing software to assist them identify low-rank lobbies, and the term “bot lobbies” is being bandied about a lot right now. To be honest, that’s a little excessive, but it’s amazing how it works. Gamers could easily be placed in Call of duty bot lobby with low-level human players and occasionally bots by misusing the SBMM method. The players embarked on a wild goose chase because there was a chance to perform this glitch.

What is a bot lobby, exactly?

Players in the Call of duty lobby use Netduma routers, choose any region, allowing them to join any server. Competitive Call of duty gamers have been utilizing routers that allow them to force your region to anywhere you want to obtain “bot lobbies”.

Smurfing in Call of duty:

SBMM is related to your previous game performance in Call of duty lobby, so if you’ve been playing for a while and have a decent record, you’ll get bot lobby full of higher-skill players. As a result, if you create a new account with no past history, you will be paired with new players.

Steps to make a bot lobby on call of duty:

· Edit (map, game mood):

Once you are in Call of duty lobby, go to the “Bot Setup” Tab in the menu to customize the bots.  You can also change (the map, and game rules, mood). Don’t forget to adjust the map, game modes, and Game Rules in the Game Setup menu to get the most out of your practice or testing session. To save time when starting matches, choose a small map with so many target encounters, raise the time of match limit, and enable “Skip infil.”

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· Bot Numbers:

You can alter the number of teammate and opponent bots as well as their Behaviour under the Bot Setup Tab. The maximum number of bots you can have depends on the game mode you’re playing, but eleven is the maximum. You can also change the level of difficulty.

· Call of duty Bot matches:

Bot matches in Call of duty lobby are significantly more restricted than basic modes in Modern Warfare. In actuality, you can’t change anything because the Warzone’s bot match is more of a training mode than a true Bot Match game.

· Battle Royal Practice:

To play a regulated Battle Royale game against bots, click the “Battle Royale Practice” button. You’ll play a Battle Royal simulation against AI opponents that are all at each other’s necks.  Battle Royale Practice is a limited practice match against bots that includes circle collapse. In Call of duty lobby match is always played on the same map, and all bots will kill one other, making bot matches a mixed experience at best.

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