How to Make Your Swimming Pool Decks Look and Feel Cool

Owning a swimming pool adds value to one’s property. So, making the decks and the pool interiors last a long time seals your property’s value. In doing so, your property’s resale value increases. Make your swimming pool a property’s asset, whether it is for commercial or residential use.

If you have pools ready for an upgrade, today’s article will significantly help you.

You can do a lot with uplifting the features of your pools. You can start with basic concrete decking. Then as the years add up, you can enhance it with innovative applications such as “cool” decking.

A cool decking is possible by using a technique called spray knockdown finish.

How to Add a “Cool” Decking to Your Swimming Pools

Aside from filling the pool basin with clean, refreshing water, another way to add a cool vibe to the pool area is with its deckings. A scorning heat will quickly heat the pool beds and the surrounding area if you live in the sunshine state.

So for places where there is extreme humidity, it is essential to get cooling decks. So, how will it be possible?

A popular cooling deck system for the pools is the knockdown spray texture. Up next, dive into what this textured concrete pool deck is all about.

Splashing into Spray Knockdown Finish

Spray Knockdown finish or the Trowel Knockdown Texture has been around for some time. It is not only limited to the swimming area. The textured concrete is also a regular for porch resurfacing. You might not know exactly how it is called, but this pool deck is popular among various areas.

This pool deck’s finish is very distinct. And you can also apply this among several types of surfaces, namely:

  • Pool decks
  • Walkway
  • Concrete Patios
  • Driveways
  • Concrete walls

The knockdown texture is a perfect solution that enhances the surface in both form and function whenever you get outdoor concrete.

How to Achieve the Knockdown Finish and Keep the Pool Decks Cool

As the name suggests, the cool pool decks’ distinct texture comes out with the use of a trowel.

It uses a mix of an acrylic and epoxy coating. When this coating compound is sprayed over the surface, it forms tiny peaks that look like mini stalactites. Before the layer hardens, the installer uses a trowel to press down the sprayed coating. That is how it got its name “Trowel Finish or Spray Knockdown texture.

The Trowel Effect: The Benefits of Having Cool Deck

Think about form and function combined on one efficient material enhanced by innovative techniques. That is the Cool pool decks. The surface around the swimming area looks not only cool but feels cool to the touch as well.

First, talk about its form. A cool pool aesthetics means that it easily adapts and matches well with any theme. Knocking down the sprayed coating emerges a natural look on the surface.

The surface got this mottled pattern that combines a dimensional effect on a flat surface. With this district look, you will not need to add any more decors or another coloring. Keep it look simple and natural.

Now, here is a list of the incredible benefits of the trowel-finished cool decks.

  • Practical. The patterns themselves create the decorative element on the decking—no need to pay more fees for adding other aesthetics.
  • Heat-repelling Surface. The pattern has more function to its form. With the use of the acrylic-epoxy combo, the coating seals the porous concrete materials. In this way, the material will not absorb the heat when the sun’s rays hit the pool decks.
  • Comfort. The knockdown texture gives a comforting feeling when you walk barefoot on the decks. The surface is neither too rough nor too smooth. It feels just enough. Plus, it doesn’t gets warm, so you can also enjoy sitting and just laying on your backs beside the pools.
  • Slip-resistance. The texture adds traction to the surface, and that means a less slippery surface.

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