how to prevent alopecia when wearing wigs

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to wearing a wig. Wearing wigs is a great way to refresh your looks by changing the hairstyles and hair colors without upsetting your natural hair. And it offers chances and versatilities to change looks for people who suffer from hair loss and thinning. Not to mention that you can change styles instantly and easily. But wigs can aggravate the problems of your scalp and even cause alopecia if you use wigs incorrectly. So you need to know what is alopecia and how to avoid the problems when wearing a wig.

What Is Alopecia?

Alopecia usually refers to small bald patches, and it sometimes is unnoticeable at first and unpredictable due to various reasons, such as family disease history, psychological stress, and incorrect treatment of hair and scalp.

Measure your head size

Instead of buying an average size without knowing your size, measuring your size before having a wig is a wise choice for more looking more natural and feel more comfortable. Wearing a wig too tight or loose not only looks unnatural, but it can cause damage to your hair and scalp. To ensure the right wig size, you should measure the circumference, the size of your ear to another ear, and your front hairline to the backside of your head. Unice wig comes with some elastic bands, and you can use them to adjust the strap length according to your size.

Choose the right type of wigs

There are two types of wigs when it comes to materials, synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are made of artificial fibers, they are less expensive than human hair wigs and usually have more options of styles and colors. Unlike artificial hair, human hair wigs usually cost a fortune and need time to maintain like your natural hair, but they look more natural and offer more comfort. And you should choose carefully about the styles and colors. Otherwise, you might use heat tools to style your hair again, and heating is not friendly to your wigs and your natural hair.

Correct installment

There are several ways to install hair according to the different wigs sold by unice hair store, such as using glue, tape method, and sew-in wigs. Sew-in wigs can be protective and look natural, but tightly braid hair can cause damages to your scalp. And glue method can also affect the scalp by its chemicals and harm hair growth. We recommend that you should have glueless wigs with combs inside of the wig caps, it’s convenient to install and less harmful to your scalp.

Avoid doing hair with chemical or heat treatment

It’s common for people to do hairstyles and dye the hair when they bought a human hair wig. But it’s not advisable to put your hair under dye chemicals and heat. The processing of coloring needs bleaching and dyeing materials, which contain a lot of unfriendly chemicals. And the heat can cause breakage and dryness to your wigs, natural hair, and your scalp.

Give your natural hair and scalp time to breathe

Wearing wigs for a long time can cause a sweaty and itchy feeling especially in the summertime. The continuous strain of your scalp will cause hair loss and alopecia if the situation continues. You should remove your unice lace front wigs regularly for your natural hair and scalp to breathe, and it’s necessary to deep wash your natural hair and give your scalp a full cleansing routine.

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