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How To See Old Instagram Stories From Others

Instagram stories are a popular feature of the Instagram app. You can post all your daily moments on Instagram stories. Instagram stories once posted are available on the timeline for the next 24 hours. The limit set to these Instagram stories creates a sense of emergency amidst users. There are certain Instagram stories that might even disappear even before you had a look at them. Wondering if it is possible to view old deleted Instagram stories? Yes it is if the person has saved them on highlights.

What are Instagram highlights?

Instagram highlights are Instagram stories saved to the profile to be viewed even post 24 hours. Instagram highlights are available on top of any person’s feed on their profile. Before your active story disappears you can easily turn it into a highlight to be viewed even after it has disappeared from Instagram wall.

How to convert a story into highlight?

To convert any stories into a highlight follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch an online insta zoomer app and then open your active story that you wish to convert into a highlight.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘add to highlights’ button in the lower right corner of the Instagram story.

Step 3: Suggest a suitable caption for your story and even choose a cover photo for your Instagram story.

Step 4: Tap ‘done’ this story will now be made into a highlight post 24 hours and will be displayed above your feed on your profile.

How to view Instagram highlights anonymously?

Once a story has been posted as a highlight on your wall, for the next 48 hours Instagram story viewers list stays active and your name gets enlisted. To view Instagram stories or highlight anonymously, you can always use an Instagram highlight viewer and downloader. Viewing a story on these third-party apps does not let your name get into the Instagram viewers list. to view any Instagram highlight anonymously, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram story and highlight viewer and downloader app.
  2. In the field provided enter the username of the person whose highlight you wish to view.
  3. The tool helps you view any highlight of that user anonymously on their app.

There are many Instagram highlight viewer and downloader apps you can use any of these to view highlights anonymously.

How to download Instagram highlights?

To download Instagram highlights of your own you can simply launch Instagram and open your profile. Choose the highlight that you wish to download and tap on the icon. Tap on ‘seen by’ option in the left lower corner. A window slides up tap on the ‘download’ button to download this Instagram highlight of yours. Another step is through the Instagram archive. Learn to download and activate Instagram highlight options for archives from fixing port.

In case you wish to download Instagram highlights of someone else, you need to use Instagram story and highlight downloader. Simply open the Instagram story and highlight the downloader and enter the username of the person. The app will fetch for you all the highlights of that person now tap on the download button over the highlight to save it to your gallery.

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