How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Followers

A new feature, “Story”, added to Instagram in 2016. This function allows you to post multiple photos and videos. Another feature of this feature is that it will be removed in 24 hours.

Therefore, it is a popular feature of Instagram that you can post more efficiently, and you can convey the atmosphere and rough side that could not be conveyed only by photos. There are voices saying that using this story will increase the number of followers.

Indeed, you can post videos from stories that provide information that cannot be conveyed by photos alone. There are cases where users who are not attracted to you with photos alone will follow you by watching the video of the story. That’s why the article will provide a guideline of how stories feature to get more safe Instagram followers.

Unify the theme:

Influencers who are popular on social media always set themes throughout the page. As with the photos, it is important to post in the story that suits your theme. You have to make a story based on the theme.

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For example, you might share your morning makeup routine in a story. In addition, fashionable cafe tours and gym training may be delivered as stories.

Think of a scene in your daily life that tells an episodic story. There is one certain thing. By sticking to the theme, you can attract people who want to share your thoughts on the theme. As a result, the number of followers will increase.

Make good use of color and brightness:

Suppose you have a photo with light brightness and a yellow, pink, and orange mixture and a bright photo with a rich blue, green, and grey color scheme.

In this case, the latter is a better Instagram post. A bright and lively story will leave a positive impression on your eyes. You can also go back to “Unify the theme” and create a theme color palette.

Put your face in the story:

People love people’s pictures. According to foreign social media scientists, having at least one face in the photo will increase your likes by 35%.

So no matter how many photos you upload of your dog, garden, flower garden, coffee, etc., be sure to add at least one self-shot of your face.

Indeed, lots of people will come to your page to share a nice mug. And let’s deliver the story as well. So if you want to post a dog, a florist in the garden, or coffee, please post your face in tandem with the content you want to post.

Post regularly:

It is the golden rule of social media in general. You will definitely want to avoid being forgotten. Even if you post, the post will be buried in the many photos of other people, and you will be forgotten.

That’s too sad, isn’t it?  The life of the story is as short as 24 hours. Keep posting one story per day and one photo on your profile view regularly. Such daily accumulation will lead your Instagram life to success.

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