Huawei matebook d15 is the real choice

Today we’re taking a look at the top features of the huawei matebook 15. Let’s get started with some of the highlight features on the huawei matebook 15.

We’ve got a 15.6-inch full HD full view display light and compact body weighing in at just about 1.5 KG we’ve also got a smart fingerprint sensor built into the power button as well as a retractable camera placed within the keyboard apart from that we have the multi-screen collaboration between different huawei devices meaning that you can use your tablet as a secondary display to extend your laptop and much more.

Box Accessories

The d15 is quite straightforward no extra bells and whistles in the box you’re going to get the laptop itself a 65-watt USB type-c power adapter as well as a type-c to type-c charger cable pretty standard nothing over the top and crazy now within the laptop there’s a sticker that shows you the placement of the camera itself.

Design & Hardware

If you need to know where it’s going to be, that brings us to the build quality and the design of huawei matebook 15. Now out of the box it reminded me of the old-school MacBook pros from back in the day pretty similar design and layout to it as you can see the sides of the keyboard are kind of on the larger side right I would have expected to have speakers but they’re located underneath the device so right there we get the two speakers the left and right as well as the ventilation down at the bottom we’ve also got the rubber grips back down to keep a nice little grip. There, which is pretty nice but nothing else crazy on the bottom side.

So, we’ve got a thickness of about 16.9 millimeters it’s pretty thin but that doesn’t stop it from having enough input-output ports so that takes us over to the ports we’ve got a type c for the power adapter to charge up the device we’ve got a USB 3.2 on the left side along with an HDMI then on the right side we’ve got two USB 2.0s as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


The power button also doubles as a fingerprint scanner so as you tap on it without pressing it down even if it’s going to unlock the laptop doesn’t work the fastest but it’s a pretty decent speed I guess it’ll take about a second or second and a half to unlock the device works pretty & secure.


Let’s move on to the display of huawei matebook 15 on this a lot of things in this rhyme, I’m going to classify it as decent and the display is one of them you get a pretty decent 15.6-inch ips panel it’s a 1080p resolution with 141 pixels per inch you also get a pretty nice I guess screen to body ratio so the bezels aren’t very thick around it and there’s no camera to interrupt the borders of the display because the camera like I mentioned earlier is built into the keyboard that brings us to the keyboard performance and the integration that I told you guys about earlier for the camera the keyboard on this is pretty decent typing on this feels pretty good.

It’s not the best keyboard out there but it’s pretty standard and it takes a little bit of getting used to once you do. It’s a pretty good keyboard to use as I said again a pretty decent keyboard if you look at the dead center of the keyboard.

I tried to cover the most relevant aspects of huawei matebook 15 and I am quite hopeful this blog will help you in many ways.

Good Luck!

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