Important Details of the Types and How Welding Machine works

This is a device usedto join materials together. The machine produces heat that melts parts of metal so that they can be joined together and when it cools it becomes resistant and fixed joint. This article will provide details on the types and how the machine work.

These machines came into existence in the year 1882 as a result of the discovery that Stanislaw Olszewski from Polish and Benardos from Russia created the first electric arc using carbon electrodes. This discovery has made welding play an important role in buildings, making gates, vehicles, small kitchen appliances, and even space travel.

Types of Welding Machines

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

This type of welding machine is used for heavy-duty work involving steel and industrial iron and they are also used for high and low alloy nickels and steel alloy. It is also used in applications of maintenance and construction, repair, industrial fabrication, and production.  Although heavy duty welding machine price in Kenya is higher, the task it performs compensates for that by far and wide; that is why it is among the most preferred.

TIG Welding Machine

They are more specialized than the others and provide pure and clean welds without fumes, splatter, and sparks. They can handle brass, gold, stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum, copper, and nickel alloys. They are good for repairing damaged parts but not good for fieldwork.

Thyristor Control MIG Welding Machine

This type of welding machine is best for mounting objects on a suitable surface or fixing objects. They are of are durable and of high quality. They also produce small sparks which make them easy to control, they are best in welding flux materials and solid core. They can handle low carbon steel, mild steel, and alloy steel.

Energy Beam Welding

The energy beam welding machine can weld both thin and thick metals, and also joins metals of a different make. It is also known as an electron-beam welding machine, it is highly repeatable due to the automation required. It also creates strong and pure joins that can be used across a number of high-end applications for a wide range of industries.

Spot Welding Machine

They are used to connect overlapsjoining sheets of steel. Spot welders have many advantages over others like high manufacturing rates, simple automation, and power utilization. This kind of welding machine is mostly found in the motor vehicle industry, they are also very cheaper than their alternatives.

When choosing a welding machine one should consider the cost, the thickness of the fixtures and metals, whether it needs a compressed gas source, the location to weld in whether it is indoor, or outdoor the voltage at which the machine works best. One should also have experience using the machine.

Welding machines are important machines that are used by welders in industries to join two metals such as stainless steel, iron, brass, and aluminum. Because of these machines we now have steel doors, vehicles, kitchen operators, the use of these machines should be considered.

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