Important points to ponder while pursuing a Title IX charge

One of the main focuses of schools today is on student protection and safety against sexual harassment. Most schools take very stringent measures against sexual harassment charges like Title IX and its likes.

If you or your loved one happened to be accused in a Title IX case, the first thing to do is approach a Title IX lawyer without wasting a second. Time is of essence while pursuing a Title IX case.

Understanding the Character of Title IX and its grave consequences on the life of the accused

Title IX is not like any other academic misconduct charge a student can get accused of. 

Title IX attracts the limelight in a jiffy and can turn the life and future of the accused student to an abrupt dark side. A student who gets accused of Title IX can lose normal life and academic follow-up if the help of a skilled lawyer is not taken at the right time.

A Title IX charge is commonly pressed by a staff of the college who happened to witness an incident or the victim of the offense itself. Either way, the act is reported to a Coordinator of the Title IX cases. It is this Coordinator who assigns an investigation team or individual to look further into the matter. 

Investigator and charge report

The investigator has the power to question the accused and the victim. Often, this interrogation goes pretty harsh and intimidating for the students. 

So in such a situation, seek advice from your title IX lawyer on how to attend an interrogation session with full confidence and dignity. 

In most cases, the investigation team is not professional, but a squad assigned by the school who they think is qualified enough to conduct a legit investigation. 

After the investigation is complete, a report is prepared by the Coordinator. This report is the basis of the prospective channels a Title IX case can take in the future. So, you must go through the report with utmost vigilance and pass the report to your attorney so that he/she can contend with all the abnormalities and aspects that are not factual in the report.

Summing Up:

A Title IX lawyer can help you with many things from start to end of the case. The lawyer can prepare you and your family to face the long and tedious case. So, do seek the help of a title IX attorney at the earliest and make the life of your loved one bright and happy again.

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