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Telescopic Rails are planned explicitly for modern applications. They are great for applications with successive developments, high loads, insignificant diversion, and high accuracy. Light steel draw slides are habitually utilized for work area draws, file organizers, or other light-obligation applications.

The rails are made of cold-drawn carbon steel for high solidness. The raceways are solidified to accomplish a smooth and simple activity, even at vibrations and effects.

teleskopschienen have a heap limit of as much as 2 tons per pair. They are accessible in sizes with stroke lengths up to 2 m in the two ways.

Applications of Telescopic rails:

As an option matched straight course can be utilized to help a second burden, for the most part requiring a curiously large bearing framework. At the point when your application requires accuracy, high loads as well as constant development then Telescopic Rails give the architect a smaller, high burden and smooth-running arrangement.

  • Entryway developments
  • Adjustable press arms
  • Item extraction
  • Retrieval frameworks
  • Any application where extraction, development, development, or augmentation is required.

Teleskopschienen is built from cold-drawn carbon steel with most sorts including solidified raceways. The rough development guarantees unbending nature and insignificant redirections in any event when conveying appraised loads at full expansion. Diversion in lighter slides makes the heap tumble to one end and brings about variety in the power needed to move the heap. Telescopic rails quality development gives predictable development in any event, when vibrations, effects, or shock loads are available. Adjustable is better than a traditional draw slide, conveying higher burdens with a more drawn-out assistance life in outrageous applications.

Types of Telescopic rails:

teleskopschienen (Telescopic rails) are available in aluminum, steel, or hardened steel and surface treatment with zinc or nickel material.

  • DS S-molded middle-of-the-road part with single or twofold stroke forms and thin cross-segment with space-saving advantages.
  • DE I molded middle-of-the-road part including extremely inflexible development and high spiral burden limit.
  • DBN Square molded middle-of-the-road individuals from reduced aspects with high outspread and pivotal burden limits.
  • DMS Structural I bar super high burden type.
  • ASN Single slide with acceptance solidified raceways and semi-adaptive development.
  • LTF44 S-molded middle of the road part with non-solidified raceways and reduced size, with high burden conveying in low-recurrence applications.

Benefits of using Telescopic rails:

  • Smooth, exact development for accuracy movement and great machine feel.
  • Consumption security choices with nickel-covered rails and chromed or SS metal balls for substance, wet regions, or acidic wash-down conditions.
  • Strokes of up to 2m and heaps of 900kg for high burden or long stroke applications.
  • Low grating for diminished drive engine prerequisites or client exertion. You can get a good deal on drive parts or give a better vibe to your machines.
  • Long working life for diminished support, saving personal time and creation. It is very durable due to its aluminum coating.
  • Accuracy development permits paces of up to 0.8m per second for expanded machine process durations.
  • Temperatures up to 130degC for a wide assortment of conditions, and up to 170degC with high-temperature grease.
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