Komatsu Development in Ground Engagement Tools by Komatsu

Komatsu meets expectations of excavator owners and operators who are constantly on the prowl for tooth systems on buckets that are not just more productive, but also safe and reliable.

This demand was recognized by Komatsu instinctively based on the timely release of their new Kprime, Tooth System which is a part of their new generation ground engagement tools that allow operators to be even more productive than ever before. Sifiso Dubazana who is the GET specialist for Komatsu South Africa, explained that the Kprime Tooth System was a collaborative effort between Komatsu and Hensley Industries that saw the Kprime tooth system become a standard fixture on the new range of Komatsu excavators rolled out which have also been designed to be more robust and longer lasting. The new tooth system replaces the previous market favourites XS and KMax Tooth Systems range of teeth. According to the specialist the, Kprime Tooth Systems are perfect productivity enhancers that are suitable for machines weighing between four tonnes and 400 tonnes. The source also indicated that the Kprime Tooth System is built on the Hensley’s experience with its previous KMAX and XS Tooth system and the new design offers a significant advance from a not just a safety perspective, but also, ease of use and extended use in relation to replacement periods.

Among the enhancements that have been introduced from a safety’s perspective is the intuitive locking system which minimizes the potential for the bucket to ‘trip’. The pry slots affixed to the tooth and the inclusion of ‘wear cap’ allows for easier removal of worn parts. The system also sports a low-torque pin which allows operators to make tooth changes more easily. As for reliability, reliability of the units have been enhanced via a 10% increase in the adapter nose design and pin design which reduces the potential for unintended unlocking significantly even after long periods of use. The robustness of the system comes in the form of an optimized design that reduces wear on the adapters quite significantly, leading them to be a popular choice among excavator hire companies.

The Kprime tooth systems are also rotatable which extends the life of the unit and the wear indicators on the wear caps and as well as the fasteners provide operators and maintenance units to know when parts require change. Other regular issues seen before such as losing teeth to crushers or conveyors have been significantly reduced because of the new locking system and zero torque loss even after multiple cycles which ensure that the new holding pin designs keeps the locking mechanism in check throughout the life of the tooth. The Kprime Tooth system comes in an array of types that make them applicable to almost all machine sizes across the board performing light-duty tasks to those that take on the most challenging material manipulation task. The system (Kprime adaptors) also gives operators the option to use various teeth types that meet specific digging and loading conditions.

According to Sifiso Dubazana the GET specialist for Komatsu South Africa the new system increases productivity significantly due to the state of the art design advances and enhanced wear material which means that the teeth do not require as many changes as they did before. Apart from that the design advocates material penetration, without compromising the sharpness of the tooth for as long as it is used.

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