A lamp, commonly known as a lamp, consists of one or more light bulbs. Along with all the necessary parts such as wiring, protecting the lamp and connecting the wires to the power supply to make the lamp shine. The equipment that the home builder company รับสร้างบ้าน will use in conjunction with the electric lamp is as follows.

  • Lamp holder It serves to hold the lamp and is the point of contact for the electric current to pass into the lamp.
  • Partition mask There are many circular scenes. It serves to reduce the glare that comes out from under the lamp.
  • Reflection cover. It controls the spread of light from the lamp.
  • The cap reflects parabolic light acts as a light diffuser merge light or make it parallel.
  • The cap reflects the oval shape function to combine light
  • Glass lenses or plastic lenses. There will be a surface on both sides have a curved shape acting in front of the lamp to diffuse light, join the light, or make the light parallel away from the lamp.
  • Fresnel lenses have a convex arc-shaped fluorescent surface serves to gather light from the source.
  • A prismatic lens has several rows of parallel prism-like surfaces. Serves to align the direction of light from the source.
  • Partitions look like scales. Serves to block the light from the source in the specified direction. There are different number of barriers and directions.
  • The shielding angle is the angle between the horizontal line and the light source. This is done with the line that leaves the source being seen for the first time.
  • The angle of intersection is the angle between the vertical line to the light source and the line at which the source was first seen.
  • The candle power distribution curve is a polar graph showing the intensity of light from a lamp or window in different directions from the center of the light source. If the light source is symmetrical, it shows a single-plane graph. But if the light source is asymmetrical, it shows the graph as perpendicular, or 45°.
  • Iso chart shows the illumination characteristics on an object surface that the light from a lamp or lamp incident on the line, the intensity of light.

Lifting system above cable work

Lifting system above cable work not popular in building houses บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน  but they are often used in places such as offices, hospitals, laboratories computer room, TV room and communication center. To make it easy to change the existing wiring of the operating counter table and equipment connected to the power cable the signal cable can be moved according to the location.

  • Lifting system above the cable work. It consists of separate, interchangeable floor plates supported by height-adjustable legs and pedestals to have space under the floor for access the slabs are generally rectangular in shape, measuring 24″ or 600 mm, and are manufactured from a steel, aluminum or wood core cladding with steel, aluminum or steel reinforced aerated concrete. Each floor slab may be surfaced with a rubber tile carpet or impact resistant laminate including flame-retardant type and anti-static type.
  • The slab supports have height-adjustable feet to provide height to the finished surface. Usually between 12″ and 13″ (305 to 455), sometimes existing supports can go as low as 8″ (203).
  • The system of supporting slabs with stringers will absorb vibrations or lateral forces better than systems without alley beams. For areas prone to earthquakes Earthquake supports can be found in accordance with building regulations.
  • Payloads for the platform design range from 250 to 625 Ib/ft² (1,220 to 3,050 kg/m²), where extra-heavy loads are required up to 1,125 Ib/ft² (5,490 kg/m²). Raised floors are intended for the installation of cables, conduits and junction boxes.
  • The floor system also helps to block the area for cold air discharge from the HVAC air conditioner under the floor and let the warm air gradually float higher by installing the air nozzle back to the new cooling at the top of the ceiling. How to prevent cold air from being sucked back out saves energy. However, the height of the platform lift system affects the floor-to-floor height in the building which must be considered in advance of design.
  • Check with the platform manufacturer for details regarding installation and accessories such as ramps and steps.
  • The efficiency of the luminaire is the ratio between the luminance flux output from the lamp to the luminance flux output from the lamp without lamp.
  • To assess the problem of direct eye glare. Probability factor for eye comfort should be used. It gives an order of probability that the lighting system will cause glare to the eye. It is expressed as a percentage of the number of people who have experienced visual comfort when sitting in the most inappropriate position

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