Lift and tighten your face with Botox lift

Slender face, clear face frame, whether taking photos Or having to meet people can help us have a lot more confidence. Therefore, Botox injections to reduce jaw or Botox lift face frame is a solution for those who want to have a more beautiful face without the pain of undergoing surgery. and do not waste time on recovery Therefore, Botox injections can be called a help to adjust the shape of the face quickly. See the most immediate results.

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But for anyone who wonders Botox injections around the face What are the similarities or differences with the jaw reduction botox injections? So what kind of injection will have a slender face that will see better results? You can find the answer in this article.

Botox injections are

First of all, let’s understand that Botox injections Botox is the use of Botulinum toxin A (Botulinum toxin A) injected into the muscles that need to solve problems such as the jaw area to reduce the muscle size to be small. go down It is a face shape adjustment that is convenient, fast, and can also inject Botox. to reduce wrinkles at various points, such as wrinkles on the forehead Wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. In addition, Botox can also be injected to reduce the work of sweat glands under the armpits as well.

The work of Botox will act on the work of the muscles. This causes the muscles in the injection area to begin to relax and weaken, making them less able to move. When the muscles are not moving From being large, hard, will begin to soften. until it duysnews becomes smaller in the end resulting in a slimmer face as well In addition, the skin looks smooth. Wrinkles are reduced, face is beautiful and looks more youthful.

Botox lift face frame

Many people may be familiar with botox injections to reduce the jaw. To reduce the size of the muscles to make the face smaller, Botox injections still have another technique that helps to adjust the shape of the face to be more slender. The face looks lifted, the frame is clear, the face is perfect, it looks more dimensional as well. This technique is called Botox lift for the face.

By injecting Botox lift in the face frame using Botulinum toxin A (Botulinum toxin A) similar to the injection of Botox to reduce the jaw. But injected into the face and neck area to make the skin sagging. more tightening It also helps to frame the face clearly slender. And help reduce wrinkles around the neck and make the neck look longer as well.

Botox lift injection technique on the face frame

Facial Botox injections are divided into 2 main techniques:

  1. Derma Lift : It is a technique for injecting on the superficial layer of the skin along the contour of the face to the top. for the face to be lifted up This technique can see results quickly. Therefore, it is suitable for people who need to make their faces slimmer urgently. But the disadvantage is that the results can only last 1-2 months.
  2. Nefertiti Lift : This technique is injected into the neck area. To allow Botox to act on the Platysma Muscles or muscles from the chin to the collarbone. which when older The muscles in this area will pull the skin to sag gradually, so Botox will relax the muscles of the Platypus to work less. resulting in a firmer face clear face frame that looks more dimensional The results of this technique last longer than the first technique. which can last for about 6-8 months

Most doctors often inject the Nefertiti Lift technique into their patients because the results can last longer. So patients do not have to come back to inject often. Because if the injection is too frequent, it can cause botox resistance. It is usually done in conjunction with botox injections to reduce the jawline. because in some cases when the jaw collapses smaller will be followed by sagging skin problems Therefore, the injection of Botox lift on the face frame will help to make the face lift and tighten. and a more slender figure

Results of Botox lift face frame

Botox injections around the face Results can be seen immediately after injection. and will see the change more clearly with full efficiency about 1-2 weeks after injection in which the face will be lifted up, the face frame is clear and the slender face looks more dimensional Including the wattle area, tightening the neck, reducing wrinkles and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. And the corners of the mouth look lifted up as well.

Most of the time, Botox injections on the face will use 30-50 units, which should not be more than 50 units per side because it may cause unsightly results. or have side effects such as too much cheek problems Cheekbones can look higher.

Advantages of Botox lift for the face

– Solve sagging skin problems Help tighten the face up. non-surgical model and do not need to recuperate

– see results quickly It also takes a short time to inject. It is a quick and easy way to adjust the face shape.

– When injecting Botox lift around the face together with Botox to reduce the jaw, it will help the result of a slimmer face. and see the face frame more clearly

– In addition to injections to lift and tighten Adjust the front frame to be sharp and Botox lift. The front frame also helps to solve the wattle problem. Sagging neck with wrinkles, drooping corners of the mouth, tightening and lifting.

– Able to re-inject to maintain continuous results But should be spaced about 3-4 months / time

For anyone who has injected Botox to reduce the jaw. face looks sagging Or those who want to adjust the face shape to make the face frame clearer quickly, Botox lift injection on the face frame is considered as a helper that answers a lot. and for effective results in Botox injections safe and beautiful Should choose to inject only with a medical professional.

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