Major Facts About Immigration And The US Economy You Need To Know About


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that immigrants have played a pivotal role in uplifting the American economy to where it is now. Since the first arrival of the colonists, American has become a popular land where your dreams come true. Individuals who wanted to achieve their dreams always sailed towards great America.

By the first paragraph, you would have noticed that we will talk about the immigrants in this article today. And not only about the immigrants, but we will share a few facts of the American immigrants that you would have never known.

Before we start with our main topic, if you are hoping to visit American for whatever reason, you need to know their immigration laws.

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Major Factors About Immigration & American Economy

The success of America comes from encouraging people to live in their home nation and become a part of their nation in search of a better life. Since the creation of the United States Of America, Immigrants have been the supportive pillars of the nation.

Here are a few facts that you will be surprised to know about American Immigrants.

1. 41 Million Foreign Born Live In America

Today, America houses more than 41 million foreign-born immigrants. If we compare this number with the total population of America, it accounts for almost 13%. These numbers define how American society accepts immigrants with open hands.

2. 46% Of The Immigrants Are Asians & Hispanic

Contrary to what most people perceive, almost 46% of the total immigrant American are Latinos and Hispanic. If we go deep with the number, 19% are Hispanic white, 8% are blacks, and 26% Asians. And when it comes down to unauthorized American immigrants, most immigrants are from Mexico and Central America.

3. Immigrants Support 15% Of The American Economy

One of the best ways to evaluate the importance of the immigrant is by looking at what they earn in America. You can further find more about their contribution to the economy after evaluating the businesses owned by the immigrants and the salaries given to the employees.

If you see the total contribution of the immigrants to the economy, you will find that they contribute almost 15% of the total economic growth.

4. 11.2 Million Undocumented Immigrants

Despite being a country that highly values its immigrant citizens, more than 11 million immigrants are yet to be authorized. Although this number has reduced quite a lot in the past, there are still many that are yet to be recognized by America.

5. 20 Million Government Job Vacancies

This fact might grab all your attention. In a current report made by the American immigration experts, it is believed that the American government will have a shortage of more than 20 million workers by 2026. This might be an opportunity for the people who are thinking of visiting America for work purposes.

Bonus fact: Immigrants In America Doesn’t Increase Rates

It has been seen that immigrants are less likely to commit any crimes or be incarcerated. The reason for that is very simple. The immigrant goes through various types of screening processes before they are allowed to enter American borders. This ensures that the immigrants have a clean history and will be a valuable workforce for American society.


There you have it. These facts show that Immigrants are an important pillar of American society. These facts are only the tips of the iceberg. The more you know about these immigrants laws, you will find that the immigrants are maintaining the workforce of America.

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