Manage Your Hypertension and Obesity with Physicians in Fairfax, and Leesburg VA

People willing to have a healthy body must know to keep their blood pressure and weight under control. These two are the major health issues in today’s time. Who doesn’t know about obesity and hypertension these days? It has become a part of many people’s medical history. 

Dr. Seema Chaudhary MD of Nova Physician Wellness Center, Fairfax, and Leesburg VA, is helping people to live a healthy life. The physicians of Nova Physician Wellness Center, Fairfax VA, help the patients to achieve weight loss and improve their overall health with a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s check out how to treat hypertension and about the things one must keep in their mind. 

How to treat hypertension?

A person having hypertension needs to take medications of blood pressure or antihypertensives. People who are already taking medicines for blood pressure need to understand one thing. Different people react differently to blood pressure medications. You may need to take two or three drugs to achieve normal blood pressure.  

If you can lose some extra weight and achieve normal blood pressure, you can taper or stop taking blood-pressure medications. There is no medical study result stating about a specific medicine safer for people with obesity or work better for them. You may find a lot of medicines for people with obesity and can discuss the benefits and risks of the options available with your physician. The possible choices you have are –

  • ACE inhibitors
  • Low dose diuretic
  • Calcium channel blocker

Low-dose thiazide therapy is an affordable option for all. It has little to no effect on lipid metabolism or glucose, as this is the issue with other antihypertensive medications. 

Things to keep in mind with hypertension and obesity

One thing you need to keep in mind is obesity leads to hypertension. On the other hand, hypertension leads to numerous other diseases. It affects the overall life-expectancy and health. If you are showing symptoms of hypertension, get a diagnosis and start getting antihypertensive medications. However, with weight – loss, you can see a significant drop in your blood pressure and eventually a decrease in the amount or number of medicines you are taking for hypertension.   

There is no better drug than prevention is a well-known fact. Starting with a change in lifestyle for weight reduction, maintain a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9kg/m2, including a DASH diet, eating vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy products with lesser content of total and saturated fat. 

An increase in physical activity is essential. Take out at least 30minutes per day from your schedule and decrease sodium content to 2.4g sodium or 6g sodium chloride. Limit your alcohol consumption a moderate amount of alcohol can make do. Improving the quality of your life and weight-loss is what you need for reducing hypertension.

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