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Singapore is among the most developed countries in the world. One of the keys to its development is good education systems from lower levels to universities. Getting a good education is very important to one’s life, and that’s why most people strive to achieve a degree. Singapore has many notable universities which offer different undergraduate and graduate business degrees to both locals and international students. A marketing degree is one of the most popular and sought business courses in Singapore. Unlike other business degrees, marketing is more creative and practical. A person undertaking a degree in marketing will learn about: 

  •     Planning and execution of processes
  •     Distribution of goods and services
  •     HR management
  •     Promotions
  •     Product Management
  •     Buyer/customer behavior
  •     Marketing campaign
  •     Brand Management
  •     Pricing theory
  •     Advertising methods
  •     Marketing Environment
  •   Targeting and Positioning
  •     Finance management

A marketing degree also helps one learn how to deal with economic, social, demographic, and technological factors that affect the changes in consumer demands for different goods and services. Studying for a marketing degree in Singapore will require you to take at least for exams, including IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, and PTE. PSB Academy is one of the top universities that offer a Marketing degree in Singapore.

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A marketing degree in Singapore is offered both in physical and online learning. Both physical and online education have their advantages and limitations. Studying online enables one to multitask to other activities like doing a job and makes you flexible to study another course. Study modes include full-time and part-time based on available hours for the student. On the other hand, physical learning is more practical and gives one time to interact with lectures and make friends. Whichever study mode one chooses, graduation with a marketing degree will be worth it.

Most Singapore universities and learning institutes enroll in the marketing degree in January, May, and September intakes. The maximum duration for a marketing degree in Singapore is four years, although it depends on the study mode; that is, full-time takes less time than part-time study.

Undertaking a marketing degree in Singapore helps the student/learner to acquire practical knowledge about global marketing since Singapore is one of the leading business hubs in Asia and the world. In addition, studying in Singapore also exposes one to new and different cultures due to interaction with other international students.

One of the main reasons the marketing degree is in demand, especially in Singapore, is the availability of different career options one can pursue after graduating. The key career paths for marketing degree students include Marketing Advertiser, Sales Manager, brand manager, PR specialist, Market Analyst, Advertising manager, Public relation manager, Promotion manager, among others. There are low chances of you lacking a job after graduating since Singapore is one of the world’s developing and leading business hubs, and human labor is in demand. One can also become a digital marketer and employ themselves.


For those considering earning a marketing degree in an environment friendly from a college or university, the first pick should be studying it in Singapore.

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