Mbappe is a genius. Only great players can score like him

Only very big players are able to score in such psychological situations as Kiljan Mbappe with the score 2:2 in Munich. When your opponent drives you, he almost destroys you. When, after the transformation of 0:2 into 2:2 and the unabated red tornado, it seems that the terrible Bayern will bring all this to 4:2 in the best case for Paris.

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But Mbappe confuses the defender with a false swing and from under him hits the close one so that Manuel Neuer has no chance. By the way, and the best goalkeeping coach noticed: strikes to the near between the legs of the defender in opposition to the goalkeeper is one of today’s trends for attacking players. And goalkeepers need to learn to predict this.

But Mbappe is still something special. The fact that at his crazy speed he can do anything, everyone has long understood. However, it is equally important that he has very strong nerves and does not succumb to general team panic, not to mention despair.

It seemed that PSG already had all this. It is clear that someone also had to bring the ball to him in such a position, and the same Angel Di Maria was also not done with a finger. But I don’t know how many other players, besides Mbappe, are capable of sorting out such a situation in a terrible psychological situation for the team and turning such a moment into a goal.

And he unfolds the plot again, and Bayern is now simply dangerous, but no longer deadly, and the stunning snow match ends just like that – 2:3.

At the same time, I would not be surprised at all if Bayern won by two goals in Paris and moved on. Because as a team she is still, I am convinced, stronger. But when this difference is not so great, geniuses are able to turn everything upside down.

And Mbappe is a genius, and soon he will be the best in the world after Messi and Ronaldo leave. He’s now no worse than them but he’s very young and doesn’t have so much experience. He’s just started being such a professional but we’re sure we will enjoy his performance and goals for many years.

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