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Starting and running a thriving business is never easy. The success stories we all read online and in newspapers are exceptions. 

It is estimated that a third of all startups usually fail within the first year of business, and about half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. An estimated 80% of businesses usually get folded before celebrating their tenth anniversary. 

These statistics can be scary, but they clearly reflect what happens in the business world. The good news is that entrepreneurs can significantly boost their chances of success and join the small percentage of businesses that generate future profits. The best way to do this is to consult the experts in the industry, such as Mike and Darren. 

About Darren and Mike Dream Team

Mike and Darren, online business gurus, have plenty of experience in the corporate world. They have many years of experience working as business coaches and online marketers. In 2015, the two were enjoying their holiday when they reflected on where they were in life. 

They were making a lot of money in their respective jobs of coaching and online marketing, but they needed more time. They decided to quit their day jobs to establish a company focusing on giving back to society. 

In addition to giving back, the Darren and Mike Dream Team duo wanted to have complete control of their lives to ensure they could work as much as they wanted and take long breaks when they wanted to. 

The company became an instant success because what the duo offered was something that many online entrepreneurs sought. 

Darren and Mike Online Business Strategies

The Darren and Mike Dream Team focuses on training entrepreneurs who have online businesses. The team trains entrepreneurs on how to make the most of online marketing opportunities. 

Mike and Darren also offer business coaching services to online entrepreneurs to create a plan to help them succeed. The combination of technical training and business coaching is the recipe most online entrepreneurs need to succeed.

The Viability of Online Businesses

The value of e-commerce trades has increased exponentially over the years. This is because more and more people have come to embrace online shopping. Most brick-and-mortar stores have also created e-commerce shops to make it possible for them to sell goods and services online. 

Since millions of businesses have websites and e-commerce websites, there is a lot of competition for a top search engine ranking. This can be achieved through search engine optimization. 

Web designers are also needed to develop the required websites. Businesses also need digital marketing services to improve online visibility and attract new clients simultaneously. 

As you can see, many types of businesses can be run online. This includes e-commerce, web design, SEO agency, online marketing, and many others. Whichever type of online business you have, Darren and Mike Dream Team can help you out. 

The Importance of Marketing in Business

A picture of a person typing on their computer, working on their online marketing skills with Mike and Darren.

1. Improves Brand Visibility and Brand Awareness

Whichever industry you may be in, many other businesses compete for the same clients or customers you seek. If potential customers are unaware of your company, they’ll go to the competition. 

Through marketing, your target market will get exposed to your brand due to improved visibility. Getting noticed is the first step in the process of making a sale. 

Customers need to know who you are, what you do, your location, and your competitive advantage. Through effective marketing, you can quickly achieve all these objectives. 

2. Increases Revenues

While marketing may be expensive, the investment usually returns many times over. Any money spent on effective marketing can be recouped fully through increased sales. 

Invest in marketing, mainly digital marketing, to increase your sales and business income. This is because millions of your potential customers can be found online or on social media.

Mike and Darren teach entrepreneurs businesstodaysnews how to leverage online marketing tactics through social media to increase their profits. 

3. Grow Your Business


The only way to grow a business is to attract new customers. This can only be done through marketing. You can reach out to many potential customers by improving your online visibility. 

Once you have their attention, it will be easier for you to convert them. When you get new customers, be sure to serve them well to ensure they are satisfied with the service. This will significantly improve the probability of that customer returning with a friend, relative, or neighbor. 

4. Increase Market Share


Through digital marketing, online businesses can communicate with the public and establish themselves as industry leaders. 

As they continue attracting new clients, brand marketing will help grow the business’s market share. The result is business success. 

Darren and Mike Dream Team

The duo has been in the industry for many famousmagazinenow years, so they have an exceptional understanding of digital marketing. They know marketing strategies that work as well as those that do not work. 

Therefore, they can help online businesses and entrepreneurs develop effective digital marketing strategies. 

Work-Life Balance

Mike and Darren understand that money is not everything. That is why they also offer business coaching services to help clients strike the perfect work-life balance. This entails proper time management and prioritizing personal time. 

It doesn’t make sense to be successful in business if the focus on the business destroys your relationships. Similarly, if your work affects your health negatively, your efforts will be in vain. Mike and Darren offer coaching services to help online entrepreneurs create a healthy work-life balance. 

Business owners usually face many challenges. Those who learn how to overcome those challenges usually become successful. Mike and Darren have been through it all, so they understand all the challenges that business owners face and know how to overcome them. 

Through the duo’s coaching services, online business knowcarupdate owners can have improved chances of achieving success. Be sure to read testimonies online to get more information on how Mike and Darren can help you in business.

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