Mistakes Owners of Historic Homes Make When Installing New Replacement Windows Guelph

Many owners of historic homes do not realize how important these houses are until their structures such windows are falling apart. These homes were built in ancient times, and since time has flown, it is hard to find the same replacement windows Guelph materials in the market.

Most of the current homeowners are inheritors, and they might not know the importance of every piece in this house. You will hear them talk of replacing some structures for improvement or energy efficiency. It feels bad to see a historic home that is poorly taken care of. These are some mistakes these caretakers make when replacing new replacement windows Guelph. Take a look.


Technology is highly advancing, and most homeowners want houses that are energy efficient. The internet is full of information about materials that make energy-efficient replacement windows Guelph, and manufacturers never stop advising homeowners to install energy-efficient replacement windows.

If your historic home windows are drafty and warping, you will want to replace them. But did you know that it could also be unnecessary? The current windows on your home were made with a unique material that cannot be found in today’s market.

Having drafts in your home is not resolved by replacement only. You can use a wood patty to block the holes. These windows were designed in a particular way to provide energy efficiency, so stop thinking of modern windows.

Installing different types of windows will tamper with your home’s historic look and steal your home’s beauty. These windows will also lower the resale value of your home. Instead, you can add weatherstripping to increase energy efficiency and a new coat of paint to improve the home’s curb appeal. You can also add storm replacement windows Guelph to strengthen them.

Change Floors

This house is over 70 years old, so when you say that the floor is ripped out, rotting, or has missing boards, it is understandable. However, to what extent is the damage? These floors are made of irreplaceable oak or pine, and although they have some parts missing, that does not permit you to destroy the entire floor and install cold tiles that will start coming off after 10 or 20 years.

If you put your historic house upon sale, the buyer will expect to see a floor made of pine or oak. Meaning, if yours is made of cement tiles, your home loses value.

Instead, you could stain a different color on your floor to make it look better and replace the missing parts with similar material. You can treat the rotting parts and stain them too. Working with a professional will make work easier.


Many people claim that they don’t need to maintain their historic homes because they don’t want to change the look. You don’t have to change a thing in the name of maintaining, and your home cannot survive on no maintenance terms.

Leaving your home’s siding to tear apart is doing harm to the house. Since they are outside, they will be hit by the hot sun, get snowed on, and hit by the rain, so there is no way they will not be damaged.

Do not install protective sidings made of vinyl. Although they will prevent rotting, vinyl does not allow the wall to breathe.

Always ensure you repaint your wood siding, and touch upon any chipped parts to keep it in place. If it is too worn out, you can replace it with cedar siding. These last longer.

Historic Home Details

Most historic homes have unique details, and most of these are usually on the baseboards and the ceiling. Some could also be found on windows and doors Guelph. Some of them are symbolic, and others were just made for decoration. Since the current owners of these homes don’t think the details are essential, they rip them off.

It is important to research the importance of the details or their meaning to understand better your historic home. This way, you will better understand that you live in a historic house and appreciate the details.

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