Modern Embroidery Technology Creating Intricate Designs

Embroidery has been around for centuries across the globe in different forms and styles, mostly the forte of women. In the 1700s and 1800s it was a favourite hobby even. It came from the practical need to make and repair clothing. Adding decorative stitches and designs to clothing is not a new idea. Using embroidery then and now you can create shirts or clothing that look stylish, make a statement, and are unique. But embroidery by hand was a slow process. Thanks to advances in technology you can now enjoy personal or company shirt embroidery designs done by machine.

Software, computer and embroidery machine

There are actually three areas where advances have come together to create the current excellent example of modern embroidery by machine options. There is the electronic embroidery machine itself, the computer that sends the information and the software on it. With these modern tools, printing and embroidery services can offer intricate detail on a range of apparel from logo shirts for corporate shirt embroidery to sportswear and more without spending a lot of money on the cost of labour. It also means they are able to produce more in one order.

The computer is so that they can create and upload the designs that are being incorporated onto the garment. The more common image formats for company shirt embroidery are png, jpeg and bitmap. To get a design into your company shirts it needs to be first turned into a digitized file that the embroidery machine recognizes and accepts. To do that the computer needs digitizing software installed. The software comes with a program for design to help in the process of turning ideas and images into useable logos.

Not only does a good printing and embroidery business need to have the right equipment, but they also need to have people who are good at using the software and equipment. In order to get the kind of corporate shirt embroidery that clients are happy with services need to be adept and experienced with the different designs and things like determining the correct colours for the threads, setting the right stitch parameters, what different layers are needed, patterns that may emerge, how to achieve shading effects and more.

Why use embroidery for corporate shirts?

There are a number of reasons you might want to look into embroidery for company shirts and t-shirts. You can put the department they are in on them, you can put the company logo and name on them, a business motto or quote, something small but attractive and representative of your business. Stitching is best for small designs, and if you want you can choose whether or not to also add something printed too. Create a uniform and encourage the feeling that employees are part of a team. Make them easier to spot by clients and customers.


Modern technology and advances have really had a big impact on how items are embroidered today. It might be something worth taking a closer look at for your own business.

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