Online Career Accelerator: How Marketing Agency Business Can Survive in a Post Coronaconomy

Do you use online services to bring in new types of clients? Do you want us to help your company grow faster in a post coronaconomy? To help you make better decisions, improve your resilience and business intelligence. Establish relationships with renowned business thought leaders to accelerate your marketing agency business.

We are six months into the new normal, and we are already seeing major technological shifts in business and day-to-day activities. Major stores are closing permanently, cinemas are empty as new films go directly to streaming, and analysts foresee a wave of university closures. At the same time, digital giants like Shopify, Google, and Amazon are rushing to keep up with increasing demand.

Sales and marketing automation should be at the top of your list in digital technology that can help your business withstand the COVID-19 crisis. Here are eight strategies to use sales and marketing automation to help your company survive during this projected timeframe.

8 Strategies to Use Sales and Marketing Automation in the Post Coronaconomy

  1. Increase your revenue by tapping into your existing customer base – Trying to recruit new customers is more expensive than trying to grow your present business. It is especially true during the COVID-19 era. 

Marketing automation gives you access to a vast amount of information on your customers, including their sector, goods, interactions with sales teams, and even what content they prefer. You can now use your data to cross-sell, upsell items and offer full services to customers that help them develop their business model.

  1. Reinvest funds from offline marketing campaigns into more measurable digital campaigns – Now is the ideal time to focus on lead generation strategies to drive more traffic to your website with trade exhibitions and print advertising on hold. There is minimal overflow from offline techniques, which has never been a better moment to analyze ROI from these initiatives.
  2. Expand and engage your network with a strong point of view – It’s an unpredictable moment, and your customers want solutions that will help them grow their business. Using marketing automation and a drip campaign to deliver high-value thought leadership content about your customer’s industry can help you add new contacts, nurture prospects, and engage your customers.
  3. Give your business a more personal and human face – In-person engagement with your prospects and consumers is still a long way off.  With hyper-targeted content based on industry, company, or need state, marketing automation can help you close the gap. Short employee-shot videos may be included throughout your sales process, allowing your employees to stand out with a human connection.
  4. Fill in the gaps in your lead nurturing strategy – To assist your team in tracking prospects and moving them through the customer lifecycle. Sales enablement solutions are very significant. Consider how marketing automation, content, workflows, or sequences may improve and customize your prospect journey.
  5. Improve your sales return on investment (ROI) tracking – Every dollar and hour matters in this atmosphere. Your CRM and automation solutions can monitor your pipeline and team members’ activities in real-time, allowing you to assess what is performing best. It improves openness and accountability within your sales force while also cutting down on time spent on manual, time-consuming updates via email or in sales meetings.
  6. Increase team efficiency to compensate for any staff reductions – Talented employees will never be able to be replaced by technological advancements. However, by lowering time spent on repetitive processes, redundant efforts, and inefficient systems, they can help you make the ones you already have more efficient. When a company’s hiring freeze or downsizing occurs, marketing automation can be a big benefit.
  7. Reboot to grow – Is it time to update your customer personas? Is the client experience still accurate?

Now is a great moment to revisit some of the fundamentals, especially if your team has spare capacity. You can then employ technology to create a more personalized and customer-centric program after your re-boot. 

You can discover that a minor modification can have an impact, such as reducing turnover by 25% by improving client onboarding. It might be a good idea to look at your website or other owned channels right now.

Identifying Your Target Market

Taking advantage of your current network

Even if your network isn’t large, it’s crucial to chat to friends, family, and colleagues to learn about some of the marketing challenges they face. Invite them out for coffee or lunch and inquire about marketing at the company issues that they are experiencing. Listen and understand your client’s needs to build good relationships.

Even if they aren’t looking to engage a marketing agency right now, you can gather valuable insights and remain top-of-mind for them once they do require additional marketing assistance or refer other prospects for your agency.

Outbound Email Campaigns

There are several outbound emailing technologies available that allow you to send email workflows/sequences directly from your CRM, such as Salesflare. Choose one that best suits your needs, and then read our guide to mastering email automation.

Research SEO Basics

Look for keywords that you want to associate with your agency and see results come up. What are the sources of their dissatisfaction? Are they a good fit for you as a potential client?

Even if you aren’t an SEO expert, you may pick up tips as you go and apply them to future clients’ projects. Even if you don’t need to be an SEO expert to start a marketing business, knowing the principles and why certain things yield particular outcomes will help you get started.

Join Online and In-person Groups

Finding groups with similar interests is not only a great way to meet new people, but it may also lead to new business opportunities. It can be used in a wide range of circumstances. For online networking, Facebook Groups, Quora, and Product Hunt are just a few examples.

There are even some agencies that have formed groups for their particular niche. Aside from that, industry conferences are nice opportunities to network. You will have to put in some time and effort to ensure that the organizations you’re working for are a good fit as potential clients because this can be incredibly beneficial.


LinkedIn is the place to go if you’re looking for leads. It’s easily the world’s largest and most up-to-date list of leads. Be sure to check out our super-helpful manual to find customers on LinkedIn because this may be a gold mine of possible new customers.

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Blog Post

Starting a company blog may be one of the most valuable forms of inbound marketing. If you still need more persuading, consider this: companies who blog have 97% more inbound links than companies that don’t have. 

That means more traffic from search engines and more chances for potential clients to find you online. But there’s more, after reading a firm’s blog, 60% of customers have a favorable impression of it, and 70% of customers discover about a brand from its blog rather than advertisements.

Cold emails

Try to get used to contacting prospects personally if at all possible. You can keep it basic by commenting on one of their LinkedIn posts or retweeting anything from their account with some intelligent criticism.

Whatever method you choose, make sure it’s well thought out and strategic. It’s not a good use of time to send bulk emails to every company you want to partner with, and you’re unlikely to get any responses.

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