Pandora Jewelry Guide

You get your choice of pendant styles. Each style features three different vibrant colors for you to choose. These pendants are a great way to upgrade the look of any piece of jewelry. Their vibrant colors and mixed metals give the piece a personalized look. You also get a complimentary pair of earrings. This pair is simple and minimalist, with two charms and three gold tones. These are great if you want to create a simple style of your own. Add your favorite jewelry pieces to your collection with this great pandora jewelry sale deal. If you’re looking for the best way to update your look, get your hands on the PANDORA Jewelry Guide Deal. Get all your jewelry at the lowest price.

Why choose PANDORA?

  • Inexpensive – PANDORA jewelry is often less than half the price of similar brands.
  • Inspiring – PANDORA offers a unique range of jewelry designs that are wearable by anyone.
  • Design freedom – You choose the necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings you want. No limit.
  • Style – You can create the perfect jewelry combinations using your imagination. With PANDORA, you are your own jewelry designer.

How is PANDORA jewelry made?

PANDORA Jewelry is always handmade, made by jewelers and designers who work in Germany, Denmark, Thailand, China, Italy, the Czech Republic, Peru and other places in the world. A piece can take up to a year to create from concept to finished product. For many of our dorashop design features and patterns, PANDORA designs are based on existing jewelry shapes and have been reinterpreted in a unique way. How can I design a PANDORA piece? Of course, you can design a piece for PANDORA. First, go to the Shaping & Design tab on your MyPANDORA account to get a PANDORA Item Template. Then go to My Shaping & Design to create your PANDORA piece. Once your piece has been created, you’ll be able to change the design, color or embellishment of your piece. You can see some examples in YouTube video.

Will my PANDORA jewelry tarnish?

Please note that the safety of your PANDORA jewels is of paramount importance to us. Jewelry will only be cleaned or polished if the following requirements are met:  Each piece of jewelry must have a round steel plating and be a standard size such as a single strand bracelet. When clean or polished, a PANDORA jewel must be connected by means of a strong chain to other pieces of jewelry with a proper clasp or snap fastener (e.g. a clip or hook and eye). DO NOT clean or polish a PANDORA jewel that is already attached to other jewelry pieces. How to make sure my PANDORA jewelry is safe? Clean your PANDORA jewelry using the steel cleaning spray that comes with it, or use any other method that allows you to clean jewelry safely.

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