Parents Turn to Online Tutors to Help Keep Kids Learning and Motivated 

Yellow class is one such educational app that hosts various fun activities for kids. Parents can simply download the app from the official website Yellow Class | Home to subscribe to the activities of their choice. Some of the several benefits of online tutor affect students to an impressive extent:

  1. Convenient learning- Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of educational apps. Online learning can be done from anywhere and the location of both student and tutor does not matter. This saves them from unnecessarily moving out from home when the world is fighting the pandemic. Students and tutors only require a stable internet connection and computer/laptop/smartphone to connect. Online studies have encourages kids to indulge in fun activities apart from studying.
  2. Self-paced/Customized learning- Kids can now choose their field of interest such as pottery, Painting, Watercolor painting, Madhubani painting, Acrylic paint, turmeric painting, mythological painting, water doodling, Calligraphy writing, Calligraphy fonts, Calligraphy lettering, Animal Calligraphy, brush calligraphy, brush letters, brush fonts, monster font, Cartoon calligraphy, Bollywood dance, Zumba, yoga, cooking, mandala art, a puppet with paper, newspaper painting, ink drawing, Vedic maths, Warli art, science paintings, chess etc.and manage their online classes accordingly. Kids get one-on-one sessions with tutors and can ask questions multiple times. The classes can be taken as per the requirement of the student. This personalized method of etalk English school learning is quite helpful.
  3. Enhanced learning with interactive tools- Nowadays, kids are well-acquainted with text messaging and video chats. Thus, they can easily use software applications and adapt to the new learning environment. There are shared screens and whiteboards that are used in online learning apps. The tutors work wisely in combining visuals to texts, hence making sessions quite interactive and fun.
  4. Availability- Let’s suppose you are looking for a physics tutor in Perth they are always available online for assisting their students. It is one of the most important features that make online learning a blessing. Kids can regularly attend classes and seek explanations.
  5. Cost-effective solution- Online educational apps are cost-effective and offer high-quality education. It is also considered more economical than offline personal tutors. Parents get to save your extra money on commuting. Kids can decide how many sessions they wish to attend and pay accordingly.
  6. Learning from professionals- Kids get a chance to interact and learn from passionate teachers. The tutors available in the education app are masters of their subjects. Therefore, quality knowledge is guaranteed.

The Yellow Class also offers several classes on different subjects from craftwork to development skills. Kids and parents can give their honest feedback to the tutor about the progress they expect to see. Tutors in return also give their positive feedback about the strength and weaknesses of the students.

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