Synthetic grass is artificial grass that is made from recycled plastic bottles and tyres. It’s commonly referred to as fake grass because of its close resemblance to real grass. It comes in an array of colors, textures, and length

Synthetic grass is versatile and can be put to use in a variety of ways because its placement is unlimited. These areas include;

1. Balconies

Fake grass makes balconies have a sense of softness. The illusion of grass transforms urban balconies, rooftops gardens, and terraces to resemble a garden. These are areas where real grass will not be ideal because of the challenge of watering and the problems associated with dampness. Narrow balconies which characterize urban housing pose no challenge for the installation and maintenance of synthetic grass

2. Sidewalks

Sidewalks are areas that experience heavy traffic. Fake grass can be fitted in these areas because it can withstand wear and tear and at the same time giving the sidewalks an aesthetic appeal.

3. Ground covers

The length of fake grass can be decided before them being installed. This becomes handy when it comes to ground covers that are usually a pain to mow. The headache of mowing such a tight place is sorted by the installation of fake grass which does not require mowing.

4. Backyards

Backyards that have small areas can be fitted with synthetic grass to avoid the hustle of maintaining real grass and also the buying of equipment used in their maintenance like lawnmowers. It becomes uneconomical to maintain these areas with real grass.

5. Outdoor furniture

Fake grasses are ideal as a cover for outdoor garden furniture because they are built to withstand the elements and are quite suited for the outdoor environment. This will give your outdoor furniture a unique, sleek, and trendy look.

6. Pet carpets

Synthetic grass does allow liquids to percolate through without altering their color. Liquid and solid waste from pets can easily be cleaned off making it an ideal carpet for the pet lover. Pets are kept in a clean environment reducing the instances of them falling ill because of a dirty environment which can be brought about by dampness that characterizes the usual carpets.

7. Pavements

Synthetic grass can act as transitioning areas between pavements and the side gardens. The spaces are usually squeezed and place a problem when it comes to mowing. Synthetic grasses are great to be placed at the patio bringing in the green minus the maintenance of the real grass.

8. Children playground

Synthetic grass provides a soft landing and playing spot for children. They can be placed under swings, in the playpens, and around bouncing castles. This will give the parents peace of mind because they don’t have to worry about their children gating hurt in the playing fields. Injuries like scrapping of knees and elbows are avoided.

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9. Doormats

Synthetic grass makes amazing doormats. Doormats usually experience a lot of traffic and a fair share of dirt given that dirty foot wares are usually wiped here. Synthetic grasses are aesthetically pleasing when placed on the doorstep. Synthetic grass comes in an array of colors and textures, one is spoilt of choice in picking the most appropriate. Synthetic grass is also durable and easy to wash when it becomes dirty.

Advantages of using synthetic grass

  1. It cuts down on waters used for irrigation. This makes the water bill to be low yet you end up with a green lawn. This is like eating your cake and having it.
  2. Synthetic grass is ideal in areas where real lawns will pose a challenge to their maintenance like rooftops gardens. Fake grass brings green life to these areas with little cost.
  3. Synthetic grass manufacture involves recycling materials from the environment which are non-biodegradable
  4. Synthetic grass does not require a lot of maintenance in terms of application of fertilizer and mowing which is done on real grass
  5. Synthetic grass is durable and therefore ideal to be used in areas that receive heavy traffic for example pavements and driveways

Disadvantage of using synthetic grass

The materials used to make synthetic grass absorb a lot of heat making them uncomfortable to use during very hot days that are likely to be 40 degree above.

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