Private Tutor vs Private Tuition Center – What One Is Best?

It is a common question that comes to every parent mind when hiring a tutor or enrolling kids to tuition center is whether they choose a private tutor who came to home or a tuition center. Which option will suit my kids? Is it good to choose any one or just let kids to go school only? It is the most common question in Singapore parents. The inability of school teachers make parents to think about this. Students find it very difficult to complete the school work as well as do studies at home and require a proper environment and a tutor guidance for good grades.

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If your kids are facing issue in chemistry then its your responsibility to not waste more time and decide whether your kid needs private chemistry tutor or a tuition center. You have to choose any one by keeping in mind that it will change your kids future – either can make them successful or more poor in studies. Here in this article we will list the difference between them and also add benefits and disadvantages that will help you to decide which one to choose. But first lets discuss the cost of both Study secondary level English with Singapore’s best tutors.


There is a little difference in the cost of private tutor and a tuition center. First we will look at the private tutor, as he comes to your home and give time only to your kids means he will charge higher as he has not much students at home. If we look at the cost per hour then it would be $35-40 per hour and that is a little bit high.

On the other hand, if you enroll your kids to tuition center then it will cost you less as in one class there are many students and teacher can get pay from each student. It will cost you around $20-25 per hour and that is very affordable for parents.

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Private Tutor Vs Tuition Center

Private Tutor

A private tutor is one who comes to your house only for your kids and give his properly time and attention only to your kids that means he will charge high and will give full focus on your kids only. It is the best way of one-to-one communication as there will be no other student and teacher can focus on only your son or daughter.

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  • Less distraction as there is no other student
  • Full focus of teacher on your kids
  • All concepts will be cleared faster
  • Your kids can ask any question and can get the answer easily
  • Improves the confidence in your kids


  • Higher costs
  • He may not be good at all subjects that mean you have to hire more tutors for different subjects.

Tuition Centers

On the other hand, a tuition center is same as a school classrooms where 20-30 students are present. It is the educational institute that has small size classes as compared to schools or colleges. They help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level.


  • Well structured environment
  • Professional highly qualified teachers
  • Personalized worksheets and materials to help kids for studies


  • Lack of incentive to Self-learn
  • Less attention of teacher on your kids as there are many students
  • Extra stress on your kidsRead More About: tamilrockers
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