Pros and Cons of a Solar Hot Water System

Hot water service systems are becoming an essential in almost all homes. Of course no one wants to be left behind with the trending technologies. These systems have made life easier and manageable with very minimal effort. Some of this systems advantages are as follows;

1. Cost efficient

Since this water system makes use of solar, a great deal of water heating bills is saved. Using an electric heater, gas or any other fuels is quite costly compared to this method of heating water. Electric heaters cause a pile up of electricity bills while gas consumption goes really high when heating water. Analysis shows that installation of solar heaters has really helped on saving of energy bills.

2. Minimum maintenance

Installing this water system might be quite costly but a guarantee of little or no maintenance is given. It is always advisable to change the circulated antifreeze fluid and have the system inspected after a given period of time like a span of two years to ensure efficient running. Generally, a well maintained system could last up to twenty years provided that occasional check-ups are done.

3. Environmental friendly

The fact that this system uses solar energy makes it very much environmentally friendly. No emission of harmful fumes to the atmosphere and use of a renewable source of energy should be the greatest persuasion to purchase the solar hot water system. Unlike other water heating methods such as electricity which is likely generated from fossil energy, no greenhouse gases are released to the atmosphere.

Every good thing always has its negative sides. We will now look at some of this systems cons.

4. Dependency on climate

One of the most important thing to put in mind during purchase and installation of this water heating system is the local climate of your area. It beats logic when planning installation in a cold area. Of course the sun is not needed every-day for functionality since there’s always a backup heater, either electricity or gas but it makes more sense when installed in constantly hot region.

5. Installation costs

This has to be one of those factors that puts off most people planning to own this system. Installation let alone purchasing it is not a walk in the pack. Before making an abrupt decision, one should conduct a very deep research pertaining the cost and also come up with a nice budget to cater for everything. It might be costly but it is a once in a lifetime setup.


In as much as this system has both pros and cons, it is obvious that the pros out-weigh the cons. If you really want to heat your water at home using the free renewable source of energy, the solar, this might be the right set-up for you. Its significant cost efficiency on saving bills and its environmental friendliness gives it an upper hand to many home owned properties. You can never go wrong with such a system.

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