Rethinking API: Why APIs are Important and How to Get Started

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are a way of connecting two software systems. They allow developers to create an interface that seamlessly integrates with another system without having to know how it works. This can be done on the backend for websites and mobile apps so that users don’t have to go through different steps just to get information they want. This blog post will show you what APIs are, why they’re important, and how to get started with them.

What is an API and why do they matter?

An API stands for  Application programming interface, which is another term for connecting two different software systems. APIs allow you to get information from other applications easily and let your users do what they want with it instead of making them go through separate steps just for that purpose.

Since APIs are so useful, you might be wondering why they’re not used more often. Most websites and mobile apps have APIs that aren’t published or documented. This can cause problems for developers who want to integrate their software with the system but don’t know how it works. If this is done on an app store platform like Google or Apple, it can also mean that developers who want to build software for their system will have to go through an approval process just to get access.

There are some APIs made public more often than others. For example, many websites like Twitter and Facebook publish their API code so that other apps can easily integrate with them. If you want your website or app to integrate with other systems on the web, you should consider making your API public.

This is important because APIs make updating one system to another easier. For example, if a new feature needs to be added for an app like Spotify, it can take days of development time and resources just to get it approved by Google Play Store (the app store for Android). If Spotify had a public API, it would be easier to just update the code with new features and have these updates approved by Google in a matter of minutes.

How to get started with APIs

There are three different ways you can create an API for your software.

  • The first is by using a web service, which is when you use code to make your website or app talk directly with other applications on the web. These services usually require knowledge of coding languages like Python and JavaScript in order to be used properly so it’s best if they have a tutorial.
  • The second way is by using an API management service, which helps you set up how your APIs are used and makes it easier for developers to access them. There are many services like the ones Google offers so check out this link if you want to learn more:
  • Lastly, there’s also a third option where you can use a platform as a service, which is when you use an API that’s provided by someone else. This option is usually more straightforward than the first two so it might be good to start with this one if you’re just getting started.

The best way to get access to these APIs without dealing with coding languages is through software development kits (SDKs). These are made by companies so that you can easily use the software they have to offer. For example, Facebook has an SDK for Python which uses pre-built code so developers don’t need to learn how it works just in order to get started.


In conclusion,  APIs are important because they allow you to connect different apps with each other. While APIs can be complicated, there are many tools out there that make it easier for developers to get access without dealing with coding languages first.

Now that you know what API’s are and how they work, visit the rest of our blog at and start thinking about how your app or website can use APIs to make its users’ lives easier.

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