Scent marketing for hotels

Like other businesses, the profits and success of a hotel depends to a great extent on the number of repeat customers. Hence hotels invest a large amount in the design and decor of each room, other common facilities, keeping the rooms spotlessly clean , the latest amenities and the best customer service. However, foul odors due to plumbing or other problems, or other reasons can adversely affect the experience of the guest during his stay in the hotel. Hence increasingly hotels of all sizes are interested in finding out more about scent marketing for hotels which will give the hotel an edge over its competitors.

Hotel rooms

Many hotel guests are using the same hotel repeatedly if they are happy with the service. While it is easy for the hotel staff to ensure that the rooms are spotlessly clean, cleaning the rooms once or twice a day, they have less control over the smell of the room. In some cases, there may be plumbing problems which cannot be easily identified, due to which the bathroom is stinking. In other cases, the guests in the neighboring rooms are smoking or consuming other products, which create a foul odour for the guests in the other rooms. While the hotel can ensure that its premises are clean and not producing any foul smell, if the surrounding properties are not well maintained, the foul smell can spread into the hotel premises.

In some cases, the guest may tolerate the smell if it is not very strong. However, many people, especially women cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke since it causes nausea and will start complaining. So one way to overcome the problem caused by foul smells, caused by sources which the hotel cannot control is using ambient scents. The scent will be used to overcome the foul smell in the area to reduce the adverse effects of the smell. Some people cannot focus on their work, if the area is stinking, while others will find it difficult to sleep at night. While people have room fresheners at home to overcome foul odors, in hotels they rely on hotel staff to ensure that their room does not stink.

Custom made fragrance

The hotel can have its own distinct scent specially formulated which will help in branding the hotel. Depending on the hotel image, positioning the hotel can have a lemongrass, lavender or other fragrance. This fragrance is supplied in bulk to the hotel. During housekeeping the fragrance is sprayed in the room. If any guest is complaining that the room is stinking, the fragrance will be sprayed in the room by the housekeeping staff to neutralize the foul smell. Additionally the hotel’s scent will also be sprayed in the common areas of the hotel, like the hotel lobby, meeting room, lounge, fitness centre, spa .

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High profile hotels can have a custom made scent developed for them by experts, which will help in branding. In addition to using the scent in all the rooms,elevators the scent will also be for paper products, outdoor events and vehicles which the hotel uses

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